Turn Your Baby Into A Burrito With This Crazy Blanket


Ever heard the saying that something looks good enough to eat? Of course you have and these cool baby burrito blankets do indeed look very tasty! Created by Vancouver-based designer Corinne Leroux, these cozy fleece blankets made your baby look cool while keeping him or her warm!


Leroux got the idea for the blankets when speaking to her pregnant food blogger friend who was looking for funny outfits for her baby. She decided to make her a burrito blanket and things took off from there. Now all new parents want them and is it any wonder? Leroux is currently working on a few new designs to add to her baby blanket range, the sushi cone blanket and the ice cream cone blanket. We can't wait to see what they look like! Check out these awesome photos and let us know if you'd buy a burrito blanket for your little one in the comments below.

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