The “Ground Fridge” Can Store Food And Wine In Your Backyard

Before modern refrigeration, farmers were using a time-tested storage method called underground ‘root cellar’ to store and keep vegetables/fruits cool and fresh. But the renewed interest in sustainable living has now brought this obsolete method back to limelight. The groundbreaking Groundfridge offers a ‘traditional meets modern’ approach of storing and cooling food and beverages that works the same way as a root cellar.

Like the traditional root cellar, this innovative unit makes use of the earth’s natural cooling, insulating, and humidifying properties. Hence, it saves you from paying costly electric bill as it eliminates the use of electricity to cool and preserve its contents. This capsule-shaped unit is designed to be dug in and covered with the excavated soil. To create sufficient insulation, the Groundfridge must be covered by about 1 meter thick of soil layer.


Groundfridge – The Modern Root Cellar

modern underground root cellar

The design features a spherical capsule with a storage capacity of 3,000 liters. A small tunnel lets you access the Groundfridge through a hinged door that sticks out of the ground. Descend to the capsule through the stairs which also comes with stainless steel handrails. The entrance is wide and high for easy access. And the underground storage is large enough to comfortably stand in for 2 persons at once.

groundfridge capsule design


groundfridge interior design


groundfridge shelves


groundfridge installation

The Groundfridge is equipped with a battery-powered inhaling ventilator that works by letting fresh air in and pushing warm air out. It also allows you to set your preferred ventilation time and specifications. In addition to the ventilator, this underground storage unit is also fitted with interior lighting.

modern underground root cellar ventilation


modern root cellar interior


groundfridge food storage


modern underground root cellar food storage


groundfridge sustainable refrigeration

You can choose from 3 different options depending on your needs. The Groundfridge Plain features the basic capsule unit without any shelving, the Complete unit comes with built-in shelves ready to hold your freshest produce and drinks, and the Complete Plus unit includes built-in shelves and an additional active cooler called Chiller that provides extra cooling power which is needed during hot summer months. You can also purchase the Chiller separately.


The Chiller

the chiller


modern underground root cellar insulating door


underground refrigerator


groundfridge root cellar


groundfridge buried soil layer


How to install the Groundfridge

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