How This Drowning Dog Reacts To Being Rescued Will Warm Your Heart


There aren't that many true heroes out there who will go above and beyond to help out, but we think the man in this video deserves that accolade. When he saw a dog, presumably a stray, in the water struggling and unable to get out, he rolled up his sleeves (metaphorically) and his trousers (literally) and got stuck in! With the aid of a second guy, he waded through freezing water to grab the dog and bring him on dry land. But, it's not just the rescue itself that we're going nuts for, it's the reaction of the dog once he knows he's been saved. We won't tell you exactly what happens, as you can see for yourself in the video below, but if this doesn't warm your heart then we're not sure what will! Take a look!





What a star! We are so pleased that this lovely dog was rescued, and we can't believe how he showed his gratitude!

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