Adorable Shiba Inu Sleeps Inside Snack-Inspired Pet Beds

We all want nothing but the best for our fur babies, especially when it comes to ensuring their comfort. So, choosing the right pet bed is one of our crucial responsibilities as fur parents. Luckily, there’s a variety of dog beds out there that are not only comfortable but also come in creative designs. From a Croc-shaped bed to a camping trailer bed, snack-inspired pet beds are apparently the latest craze these days.

A Shiba Inu named Yuki-chan has recently gone viral for her unique beds that resemble yummy snacks. These include a bowl of instant ramen and a bag of potato chips, to name a few. So, this three-year-old pup literally indulges in a sumptuous slumber every single night. We bet that she’s dreaming about munching on these treats too!



People online can’t get enough of this Shiba Inu comfortably sleeping in snack-inspired pet beds


As seen on the photos shared by Yuki-chan’s owner on Twitter, there’s no doubt that the pup loves her beds. One series of photos depicts her cozily and peacefully sleeping inside a giant bag of potato chips. With her front paws sticking out and her head resting on a plush pillow, the little girl is surely enjoying a good night’s sleep.


Meanwhile, another series of photos features her all curled up inside an instant ramen bowl, complete with a noodle pillow. How adorable!


Although Yuki-chan’s Twitter page features snippets of her daily adventures, photos of her snoozing are still the most popular ones, according to her owner. Her owner also added that it’s probably because of the uncanny similarity of Yuki-chan’s fur color to udon ingredients. Plus, her calm sleeping face is definitely a delightful sight to behold!

Aside from Yuki-chan’s Twitter page, her owner has also created a YouTube channel where you can see Yuki-chan in action. Feel free to check out these pages for a good dose of cuteness overload!


Check out these videos to see how much the adorable pup loves her beds


Source: Shiba Inu Yuki-chan Twitter | YouTube