These Modern Dog Houses Will Get Your Pup’s Approval

Whether your canine friends stay primarily outside or inside your house, giving them their own comfy abode is essential for their protection and wellbeing. While comfort and safety are still the topmost priority, this modern dog house provides all of that, plus more. It features a sophisticated design that doesn’t only look fancy but it’s also made with premium craftsmanship. So, your favorite doggo can live in comfort and style, just as they deserve.

Designed to look like a luxurious little house, this modern dog house comes with a wide front door with glass panels to give them a view of the outside. It is made of plywood from natural wood with open grids on each side (except on the front) for better ventilation. Unlike most dog houses with enclosed construction, the open grids and transparent glass panel windows won’t give them the feeling of being trapped in an enclosure. Keep in mind that dogs are NOT cats. While cats typically desire to conceal themselves inside their personal space, dogs are actually not comfortable when they’re in seclusion.


Modern Dog House

modern dog house

So while giving them a secured abode is crucial for their protection, we also need to make sure that they don’t feel confined or restrained. This dog house is designed to provide everything your pooch needs for comfy living. It comes with a roof made of waterproof fabric which is available in 8 different colors and patterns. Additionally, the dog house also comes with a soft cushion which is available in colors black, ivory, grey or navy.

wooden canine home front door


modern dog house natural wood


wooden canine home bed cushion


modern dog house rosewood finish

The dog house comes in four sizes so you can find the perfect home for your canine. Medium size measures 27.9 inches tall, 25.6 inches wide and 20.6 inches deep. Large size measures 35.3 inches tall, 37.4 inches wide and 26.5 inches deep. Extra-large measures 41.2 inches tall, 45.3 inches wide and 32.7 inches deep. Double extra-large measures 44.9 inches tall, 51.2 inches wide and 40.6 inches deep. It features a strong locking system to ensure their safety.

modern dog house grey wood finish


wooden canine home grey finish


modern dog house grey finish


modern dog house black finish

You can choose from 6 different wood colors including black, white, walnut, grey, natural and rosewood. So, you can choose the ideal wood finish to complement your indoor or outdoor home design. You can also opt to add the name of your doggo, which will be affixed on top of the front door. Select your preferred size and select whether you want to add a name or not. Then proceed by specifying your personalization details such as the wood color, cushion color, tent code and name of pet if you opted to add a name.

wooden canine home name plate


modern dog house white


wooden canine home white wood finish


wooden canine home walnut finish

The dog house will be sent to you in separate components. So, you’ll need to assemble the parts together. But don’t worry, it includes an instruction manual to guide you through the assembly process. It generally takes 20-30 minutes to assemble this luxurious dog house. One happy customer wrote:

“Absolutely incredible, craftsmanship 10/10. Our Doberman puppy has quite a bit of growing to do yet, but it was nice to find a beautiful bed and kennel that will fit her full size. So impressed!”

modern dog house walnut finish

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wooden canine home extra large

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