Shop Owner Installs Glass Ceiling For His Cats And Now They Non-Stop Stare At Him

Have you ever caught your cat leaping onto a high place, leans back then stares at you? Household kitties actually do this all the time and there’s no reason to freak out because this behavior is only typical of felines. This is why one shop owner installed a glass ceiling so his cats can survey the shop from above to their hearts’ desire. Cats like to settle on high places and observe their surroundings because they’re highly skilled predators. Hanging out in places with good vantage points allows them spot their prey or any potential dangers around them.

Taiwanese twitter user @SCMcrocodile shared photos of his friend’s shop after it had undergone some ceiling modifications. The small shop has an attic where his friend’s cats used to hang around. The shop owner decided to replace some ceiling tiles with glass panels. So, his cats can see what’s happening below them. Since the glass was installed, the cats have been monitoring the entire shop from above nonstop. It’s as if they’re serving as feline surveillance for the shop.


A Twitter User Shared Photos Of His Friend’s Shop With Glass Ceiling Panels So His Cats Can See What’s Happening Below

shop owner glass ceiling for cats

After @SCMcrocodile tweeted pictures of the cats intently staring from the glass ceiling, people can’t help but fall head over heels in love with the adorable kitties. Many people even compared them to the original ‘ceiling cat’, one of the earliest cat memes that took the internet by storm in 2006. The meme featured a curious kitty peeking through a hole in the ceiling of a room. Although the ceiling cat meme became an online phenomena, the identity of the kitty remained unknown until 2012. Sadly, the revelation of its identity also came with the sad news that the kitty on the photo passed away in 2010.

cats staring from ceiling glass


glass ceiling cats

The ceiling cat memes would make a resurgence in 2018 when several photos of cats poking their heads through a hole in the ceiling became viral. And with @SCMcrocodile’s post going viral too, it’s safe to say that the ceiling cat continues to live on. In addition to the glass ceiling pics, @SCMcrocodile also shared other photos of the three kitties loitering around the house making some mischief.

hungry cats shredding toilet papers


You can also watch the video of the ceiling cats below


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