You Can Take A Tour On Rail Bikes Through The Redwood Forest In California

Ride the rails on a pedal-powered rail bike along the tracks through the redwood forest in California. A railroad company in Fort Bragg, California offers railroad tours on a historic train track leading through meadows, canyons and the redwood forest. But instead of riding a train, you will be riding custom-built, two-person electric railbikes. So, you can relax, breathe deep and explore the world-famous Redwood Route as you breeze along a scenic creek, cross over majestic wooden bridges and discover the beauty of ancient redwoods.

The Redwood Route of Mendocino County features a 130-year-old train track that has been carrying trains, cargo and passengers since 1885. It eventually became the California Western Railroad, more commonly known as The Skunk where the railroad company got its name. The Skunk Train is currently owned and operated by Mendocino Railway. Since the historic railway hasn’t carried trains for years, the company decided to transform the site into a tourist destination. Now instead of trains, the train track has been used to carry rail bike for guests.


Ride The Rail Bike To Explore The Historic Redwood Route In California

So, how much does it cost to experience an excursion along the scenic Redwood Route on a rail bike? The rate for each two-seater bike is $250 and there’s no discount for single riders. The fare also includes a certified guide who will lead you on the railroad. Your excursion starts from the depot at Fort Bragg to Glen Blair Junction where you will have a 50-minute layover to enjoy a picnic. You can also explore the redwoods on foot and take photos with the iconic arched stone bridge. After which, you will ride back to the coast with Insta-worthy photos to share to the world.

skunk train rail bikes
Skunk Train


skunk train rail bikes glen blair junction
Skunk Train

But the destination isn’t the only thing to look forward to. The scenery along the way will give you an experience and memories to last a lifetime. The rail bike is also powered by an electric motor to make pedaling easier for the riders. Plus, there’s no need to steer so you can have all the time to live in the moment and enjoy the surroundings.

You can book and buy tickets online by checking out their calendar to see which spots are available. But before you reserve your spots, take note of the certain conditions that you need to meet. Maximum weight per rider is 250 pounds and the minimum height is 31 inches from hips to floor. Needless to say, riders must be at least 6 years old and no infants or pets are allowed to ride the rail bike.

Once you have booked an excursion, you must arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time. Casual attire is recommended and close toed shoes are required. You are also advised to bring water to keep you hydrated during the excursion.


Check out the railbikes in action on the video below

Source: Skunk Train