People With Limited Mobility Can Enjoy Bike Rides With This Built-In Chair

For people with mobility issues, getting out to enjoy fresh air is more of a challenge. Most of the time, the elderly and people with a physical disability can be stuck at home more often than other people. But thanks to this disabled bike chair, you can now take your loved ones with limited mobility for a relaxing ride outdoors. This innovative solution merges the functionalities of a regular bicycle and a wheelchair into one. It has the two-wheeled wheelchair in front where the passenger is seated. And the driver has to pedal the bicycle from behind to control the vehicle.

Technically, this bike is a tricycle since it has three wheels instead of two. But they settled on calling it a ‘bike’ because most of its parts are essentially that of a regular bicycle. It was originally conceived and designed by an Australian man named Bill Forward. This resourceful man from the Sunshine Coast came up with a concept of putting together a bicycle and a wheelchair to enable his wife to enjoy riding outdoors after she developed Alzheimer’s.


This Disabled Bike Chair Combines The Functionalities Of A Bicycle And A Wheelchair

disabled bike chair

The driver has full control of the vehicle by steering the front wheels. To ensure the safety of the passenger in front, the wheelchair is equipped with buckles and straps. Just make sure that they’re securely buckled up to prevent them from falling out of the chair during the ride. When Bill and his wife used the bike chair and rode together around local bikeways, it quickly gained the attention of the locals. In fact, the couple’s inspiring story was featured in numerous videos on YouTube. One of which has become viral, garnering over 2.7 million views as of this writing.


Bill Forward and his wife Glad

bill forward and wife glad unique tricycle


disabled bike chair bill forward


bill forward and wife bicycle ride


wheelchair and bicycle pedaled vehicle


disabled bike chair solution for people with limited mobility


disabled bike chair for people with disability

Age and disability shouldn’t prevent anyone from getting outside to enjoy fresh air. Let your loved ones feel the wind and bring a smile on their faces by taking them on a leisure ride. With this bike chair, you’re giving them the freedom to get out and about that significantly makes them feel better. Not to mention, you’ll also have quality bonding time together which will greatly improve their emotional and mental well-being.

pedaled tricycle with wheelchair in front


disabled bike chair black finish


wheelchair bicycle tricycle


wheelchair and bicycle in one

Bill, who has been happily married to his wife Glad for 50 years, wants to share the experience of giving their loved ones a chance to enjoy the outdoors once again. In June 2018, his product concept had its first limited run in the Australian market. Bill has also been working closely with physiotherapists and occupational therapists to further improve the bike. The team behind this innovation has been planning to have this available in North America as well. If you’re interested in getting one, we suggest that you follow their Facebook page. Or check out their website regularly to get the latest updates on the product’s progress.

Check out the viral video about the couple’s inspiring story and how the unique pedal-driven tricycle came about

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