New Tostitos Guacamole-Flavor Chips Are The Ultimate Dipping Chip

Attention, guacamole lovers! If you think Tostitos is done serving us some guacamole goodness after their Avocado Salsa dip, have we got news for you! Apparently, the brand is taking their relation-chip with avocados to the next level because they now have Tostitos chips with guacamole flavor! Word about the new Tostitos guacamole-flavor chips spread like ripe avocados over toast recently, and obviously it got everyone saying: “Holy guacamole!”

Tostitos sure knows how to make absolutely mouthwatering chips and dips that just go so well together. Take for example their Hint of Spicy Queso that spiced up our snack moments. And now they’ve combined their specialties in one flavor-packed offering! Has it been a long time coming? Perhaps. But one thing is fore sure: we can’t wait to taste how the Tostitos Hint of Guacamole will “guac up” our world!


Avocado lovers will love the new Tostitos guacamole-flavor chips

In comparison with Tostito’s Hint of Spicy Queso chips, the Hint of Guacamole offering won’t set your mouth on fire. But these two offerings do come in similarly shaped, bite-sized round tortilla chips that’s great for scooping enough dip to give your that perfect bite every time. (That is, if you still feel that there’s a need to break out some dip!) We’re really curious to taste how Tostitos will pull off this offering. After all, no other chip brand has ever attempted such an ambitious mashup.


There may be some waiting involved as the guacamole-flavor chips have yet to officially debut on store shelves. However, if it’s any comfort, Target already has it on their website. We can’t wait to get taste the combined flavors of avocado, onion, jalapeno and lime on these chips. Hopefully these guacamole-flavored chips won’t be a limited edition offering though! We’ve got a feeling that the Tostitos Hint of Guacamole will be a hit for any snacking occasion, don’t you?