16 Useful Refrigerator Hacks You Need To Know


Organizing your fridge is an easy task when you know the simple tips and tricks to help you. Weird unidentified foodstuffs can lay in dark corners of the refrigerator sometimes for years if you don’t take control! Knowledge is power and if you are sick of the ongoing battle to finding the best way to store your food then read through these refrigerator hacks!


binder clip bottles organized

A binder clip will keep your bottles perfectly stacked in the fridge.

organize fridge

The perfect way to store food.

bacon storage

The clean and fuss-free way to store bacon.

lazy susan fridge

Using a Lazy Susan means you will never again leave forgotten food lying in the deep recesses of your fridge.

lazy susan upgrade

Upgrade your Lazy Susan with containers to conveniently store prepped food.

bottle standsbottle stands

These cool little stands stop bottles from rolling around your fridge.

fridge organizer baskets
freezer organizer baskets

Simple yet effective, using small baskets to store different foodstuffs makes perfect sense.

magazine filers fridge shelves

Stuck for shelf space? These magazine filers are your friends!

fridge contents

Discover what doesn’t actually need to be stored in the fridge. Instructions here.

activated carbon

Activated carbon is even better than baking soda for neutralizing unwelcome fridge odors.

open fridge

Keeping your fridge freezer a few inches out from the wall can reduce energy use by around 40%. This saves money too!

cling wrap fridge

Fridge cleaning phobics: Simply cover the shelves in cling wrap and throw the wrap away when it becomes dirty. No more hassle!

fridge writing

Use a dry-erase marker to update the contents of your fridge. Never waste another morsel!

beer containers fridge

6-pack containers keep bottles organized!

half soda container


Cutting soda containers in half gives easy access and makes them fit into your fridge better too. Win!

mustard egg holder

Tired of your mustard bottles making a mess of your fridge? Simply cut out the bottom of an egg carton and place the containers upside down in it!

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