26lb Chonky Cat “Mr. B” Finally Found His Forever Home After Getting Adopted

Being cute doesn’t always equate to being small. Sometimes, it’s about being chonky too, and BeeJay, aka Mr. B, is here to prove that. It was back in August 2019 when the Morris Animal Refuge first introduced the 26-pound furball to the online world. The Philadelphia-based animal shelter sought the help of the online community in finding the gentle giant a new loving home.

While it’s easy to assume that Mr. B would have a hard time finding a home because of his incredible heft, things turned out quite differently. In fact, the shelter’s website even crashed due to the influx of inquiries and applications – approximately 3,000. The tweet introducing Mr. B undoubtedly generated quite a buzz as well, gathering over 14K retweets and nearly 50K likes. Apparently, it was love at first sight for a lot of people! More importantly, it’s good to see Mr. B receiving an outpouring of love despite his unusual size.



Chonky Cat Named Mr. B
Morris Animal Refuge


Lady Carrying Chonky Cat Named Mr. B
Morris Animal Refuge


Weighing a whopping 26 pounds, chonky cat Mr. B has instantly captured the hearts of many



So, after much deliberation, the shelter was finally able to choose the chubby cat’s new fur parents. Thankfully, his new owners know and understand just how much Mr. B means to the online community now. As such, they’ve set up an Instagram account to keep everyone updated on the fluffy feline’s daily adventures and musings.

His Instagram page, which goes by handle @chonkymrb, has gathered 17.4K followers to date. In addition to Mr. B, the couple also cares for five other cats adopted from different shelters. Keep scrolling down to see more of the cat’s adorable snaps!














Here’s what people have to say about Mr. B










Just like Lucy the Bat Cat and Xherdan the Naked Cat, chonky cat Mr. B is proof that cats, despite their unusual appearance and size, are worthy of a loving home too.

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