This Magic Castle Suncatcher Creates Rainbow Patterns All Over The Room

Add a splash of color to your room by placing this Disney-inspired rainbow maker on your window. Suncatchers have seen a popularity increase in recent years as more people are enjoying transforming sunlight into mesmerizing art. From expensive Swarovski crystal to decorative stained glass, suncatchers now come in various forms to cater to everyone’s needs. Regardless of the materials used, all suncatchers do the same simple thing. When placed on a spot that receives sunlight, they transform light into stunning living colors and fill the room with alluring rainbows.

If you’re looking for something more basic than luxurious crystals and stained glass then this suncatcher window decal is definitely for you. As simple as it gets, there’s no need to hang this thing as you would with its crystal or glass counterparts. Simply remove the backing of the decal and stick it to the window. It’s that simple! Place this suncatcher in a spot where the sun shines directly and watch as it fills the room with beautiful rainbows.


Magic Castle Suncatcher Rainbow Maker

disney inspired suncatcher rainbow maker

This window decal features the iconic castle from the Walt Disney logo. So, the design itself adds a touch of fairy tale magic to any window. The castle decal also comes with an extra rainbow-shaped sticker with Mickey Mouse ears hidden in the clouds. Place the rainbow-shaped sticker on top of the castle decal to get more rainbows in.

disney decal suncatcher


window decal suncatcher


suncatcher rainbow maker


rainbow maker decal

This Disney-inspired suncatcher is made of transparent, reflective vinyl measuring 4.5 inches high and 4 inches wide. You can place it on the window of your living room, bedroom, kitchen or any room where you want to enjoy the natural beauty of rainbows. Whenever you’re feeling down, you only need to watch the rainbows on your wall to help you soothe your soul. One happy buyer wrote:

“I love this so much! It fills up my living room with rainbow reflections and it cheers me up to no end!”

suncatcher window decal disney castle


decal rainbow maker


suncatcher window decal


rainbow maker window decal

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Source: Etsy