This (Maneki Neko) Waving Cat Statue Is Super Jacked

Attract more good luck and bigger fortune into your business or home with this Jacked Waving Cat Statue. If you’ve ever visited an Asian restaurant or a Chinese shop, you might’ve noticed a tiny figurine of a kitty with one of its paws raised. The figurine is typically placed by the cash register or at the entrance of a business or home. It is believed to bring good luck into the building. This popular lucky charm had its origin in Japan and is more traditionally known as Maneki Neko which when translated literally means ‘beckoning cat’.

The Maneki Neko is very popular in Japanese and Chinese cultures and can be found in some stores overseas as well. Whether you believe in the power of talismans or not, you can’t deny that this adorable figure of a waving cat makes a cute addition to your home or business. Besides, there’s no harm in using lucky charms especially when they are as cute as these friendly cat figurines. And if you wish your lucky charm to bring in bigger luck then this cat statue should help you with that.


Jacked Waving Cat Statue

muscular maneki neko golden

This unique Maneki Neko features a giant muscular right paw raised to indicate a welcoming gesture. The ‘waving’ gesture is believed to invite good fortune and wealth into the building. So it’s only logical to assume that a bigger paw can pull in bigger fortune. Furthermore, the buff kitty figurine is wearing a pair of cool shades. Good luck can’t possibly resist the coolness and cuteness of this muscular Maneki Neko.

jacked waving cat statue giant paw


buff maneki neko figurine


muscular maneki neko back

The cat statue is available in colors gold, yellow gold and white. It is also believed that the color of the Maneki Neko is significant to what they symbolize. Gold and yellow is said to attract good fortune while white brings in happiness. Depending on what you want to invite into your business or home, you can choose the right lucky charm for you based on the color.

jacked waving cat statue white


muscular maneki neko


jacked waving cat statue buff paw


jacked waving cat statue golden

All 3 versions of the cat statue are available in small and big sizes. The small size measures 9.1 inches tall and 8.3 inches wide while the big size measures 12.6 inches tall and 11.4 inches wide. This hilariously buff lucky cat is made of resin with a gold and red collar. Its normal paw holds a koban coin, an ancient Japanese oval coin. As for the right placement for this unique lucky cat, let us give you some useful tips. For businesses, place this figurine at the entrance to attract more customers. For homes, place it in the south eastern corner which is said to be associated with the wealth area.

jacked waving cat statue white giant paw


jacked waving cat statue yellow gold


funny maneki neko

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