This Night Sky Ceiling Decal Is A Relaxing Way To Fall Asleep

There are lots of things to do just to pass the time. But looking up at the starry sky is one of the few things that really soothes our minds. Bring the beauty of the stars and the moon right to your bedroom with this night sky ceiling decal. So, you can gaze at the sparkling stars and glowing moon without having to go outside your room. Simply lay on your comfy bed, gaze at your ceiling and let the mystifying image of the night sky lull you to sleep.

The decal features a high-definition image of a clear night sky complete with a crescent moon, stars and clouds. It gives you the impression that you are actually gazing at the real sky at night when you look up at the ceiling. The 3D print also features a broken wall frame to make it seem like there’s a large hole in your ceiling that seemingly allows you to gaze at the real sky.


Night Sky Ceiling Decal

night sky ceiling decal sticker

Printed on high quality vinyl and digitally die-cut, the ceiling decal makes indoor stargazing possible. The lifelike image conveys the same experience of actual stargazing. The calming image is sure to foster inspiration and imagination as it also improves mood and reduces stress. Just looking at the star-filled sky makes you realize how tiny you are compared to the whole big cosmos. And just like the stars and the moon above you, you realize that you exist for a reason. With your mind free and as clear as the night sky, you understand your purpose as your mind generates only positive thoughts.

night sky ceiling decal 3d print

Unfortunately, it’s not every day that we get the chance to lounge outside and gaze at the night sky. This night sky decal is definitely the closest thing we have to the actual experience. And you’ll get to savor the calming moment anytime you feel like it. Placing it on your ceiling is recommended. But you can also apply it on your wall if you prefer it that way. It is available in small, large and extra-large sizes. The small size measures 34.25 inches x 19.90 inches, large size measures 51.2 inches x 28.3 inches and the extra-large size measures 91.73 inches x 51.2 inches.

stars moon night wall sticker

The decal comes with an instruction manual and a squeegee to help you apply it smoothly on a surface. Only apply the sticker on smooth surface and avoid applying it on fresh painted walls and textured surfaces. And make sure to clean the surface to allow the sticker to adhere properly. One happy customer wrote:

“This is so cool on my 15 year old’s ceiling! Everyone flops on her bed to look at it and it was way easier to put in place than I imagined it would be. We love it!”

3d starry night wall sticker


night sky ceiling decal

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Source: Etsy