If You’re Out Of Toilet Paper, Don’t Panic, Because You Can Get Yourself A Portable Bidet

Running out of toilet paper? Not to worry because this portable bidet will make you squeaky clean down there even without toilet paper. Funny but true, toilet paper shortage due to the coronavirus pandemic is real. Giant supermarkets such as Walmart and Costco are running out of toilet paper due to panic buying and opportunistic hoarders. Even online shopping sites like Amazon and e-Bay are also running out of stock. And if you ever find one, it’s likely you will pay a ridiculous price.

But don’t let this great toilet paper crisis get you down. We’ve found the perfect alternative to help you have a clean bum anywhere you go. There’s a bidet that you can use as a hand shower. It features a soft, easy-to-squeeze bottle with a retractable long-neck nozzle sporting an angled tip. This handheld bidet is made from EVA material and it is free of toxins and other chemicals making it safe to use even for kids. The bottle is ergonomically designed making it easy to handle and a pleasure to use.

handheld hygiene bottle 450ml

Just fill the bottle with water and screw on the lid securely. Locate the air lock at the bottom of the bottle then place your finger on it to prevent water from leaking. Turn the bottle upside down and point the nozzle in the right direction. Release the air lock and squeeze the bottle to spray water. You can adjust your grip to control the water spray pressure. Even without toilet paper, you can thoroughly wash your bum whenever you need to. This bidet can also be used to treat hemorrhoids, keep the intimate area clean during menstruation and help postpartum care for moms.

handheld hygiene bottle


portable bidet


portable bidet operating instructions


portable bidet with angle nozzle


handheld personal hygiene bottle


nozzle generous spray pattern


handheld hygiene bottle with angled nozzle


eva handheld hygiene bottle angled nozzle

It is available in two bottle sizes – 450 ml and 600 ml. We also found a smaller version featuring a 378 ml bottle if you prefer a smaller bottle for easier handling. Whether you’re at home or traveling, this bidet will keep you clean wherever you go. Furthermore, this durable personal hygiene bottle can last for years. Thus making it more cost-effective than buying rolls of toilet papers on a regular basis. Now we don’t have to worry about the current toilet paper crisis anymore. One happy buyer wrote:

“This portable bidet is not only practical but also environmentally-friendly. The operation is very simple, you can control the water pressure according to the strength of your hand, and then accurately spray.”

portable bidet 378 ml bottle


portable bidet bottle


portable bidet water spray


handheld personal hygiene bottle ideal for traveling


portable bidet alternative toilet paper

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Source: Amazon | 450ml/600ml | 378ml