This Easy-To-Mount Multifunctional Toilet Paper Holder Comes With A Small Shelf And Storage Box

Add a modern flair into your bathroom with this multifunctional toilet paper holder that features a modernistic design. Some people may not spend too much time looking for the perfect toilet paper holder for their bathrooms. Well, it’s just that one household item with a simple purpose that you can you live without. Besides, you can opt not to have it and just let the rolls of TP sit on top of your toilet. Of course, this would leave to a lot of inconvenience and utter humiliation if you have guests over.

If you want to make a big statement and impress your guests then placing eye-catching functional items should do the trick. And toilet paper holders are no exception. This explains why there’s a varied range of TP roll holders in the market right now. From quirky shapes and geeky designs to badass forms and sophisticated styles, there’s always something that perfectly coordinates with your bathroom. And if you’re looking for a sleek TP holder for your modernist bathroom, this multifunctional toilet paper holder is designed just for you.


Multifunctional Toilet Paper Holder

multifunctional toilet paper holder

Flaunting a streamlined construction, this wall mounted TP dispenser makes a striking addition to any bathroom. It securely encases your TP roll inside a round container and neatly dispenses the sheets underneath. There’s a serrated plastic blade at the bottom to help you easily rip away the sheets. You can access the container by removing the side cover if you need to replace the roll of TP.

tp dispenser with storage box


multifunctional toilet paper holder dispenser

Unlike any ordinary TP holders out there, this multifunctional toilet paper holder offers more than just hold your TP. Next to the round dispenser is a storage box with a pull-out drawer to keep other bathroom essentials within reach. You can use this extra storage to store a pack of wet wipes, rolled plastic bags, towelletes, and more. Additionally, you can use the top surface of the storage box to hold your phone, watches, eyeglasses, and other valuables while you do your business.

tp dispenser with pull out storage


multifunctional toilet paper holder storage box

This multifunctional toilet paper holder is entirely made of plastic in elegant white color. It comes with a clear mounting hooks that you can easily affix to the wall. The TP dispenser measures 5.12 inches high and 11.10 inches long including the storage box. It has a depth of 5.5 inches. It’s nice to show off some hilarious and whimsical TP holders to amuse your guests. But if you’re more into functionality and finesse, this streamlined TP dispenser is sure to make your bathroom stand out.

multifunctional toilet paper holder how to mount


wall-mounted tp dispenser with mounting hooks

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Source: Etsy