30 Of The Coolest 3D Tattoos That Are Way Too Realistic

Three-dimensional (3D) space has given us a new perspective in viewing things. From computer graphics to motion pictures and video games, 3D technology gives us the illusion of depth perception. And it has entirely changed image representation and viewing experience. We are now living in a generation wherein 2D imagery is slowly becoming archaic. 3D indeed has taken over as it also finds its way to the art of tattoo-making. A very realistic tattoo that will surely put everyone’s eyes to the test, 3D tattoos are now the all-new crave.

Spectacular 3D tattoos are bringing depth perception images to add more life to the skin. However, it would really take a very talented tattoo artist to create a very realistic tattoo. One of the most successful tattoo artists to feature 3D rendering is Jesse Rix whose works will surely twist your mind. Some present images that seem to pop out of the skin. And others would boggle the mind with optical illusions. Take a look at our compilation of cool 3D tattoos and challenge your eyes to a perception test. Who knows, you may even want to consider adding a new dimensional depth into your usual tattoo.

“Would Love To Keep Doing Pieces Like This With The “Old” Tattoos”

“Finally Got The Tattoo I’ve Always Wanted”

3D Finger Candles

Label Tattoo

Amazing Cat Tattoo

Chest Tattoo

3D Blocks


Shattered Glass Tattoo

“Not An Everyday Thing, But Very Enjoyable”

Underwater 3D Tattoo

Tattoo By Danny And Domestic’s Tattoos Mossend Scotland

“Skull I Did 2 Days In A Row”

“This Piece Symbolize The Strength That Is Needed To Free Yourself From Pain. It Represents The Inner Power Required To Free Our Mind And Truly Let Go”

“Sorry To The People Who Get Creeped Out By This One, But I Like It”

“Cover Up From Today”

Lollipop Tattoo

Pink Floyd 3D Tattoo

“Progress Shot Of This Fun Piece I Started Today”

3D Fishing Hooks

“After 2 Sessions Totaling 12 Hours Of Work. The Damper Is Fully Healed. The Background Was Made In The Freehand With No References”

Pink Rose

“We Spent Close To 8 Hours On The Stencil For This Thing”

“Had Fun Doing This Piece Yesterday On And Awesome Client”

Needle Arm Tattoo

3D Tattoo

“Goku Loves The 3D Effect Of This Tattoo”

Torus Chest Tattoo

Creepy Stomach Tattoo

Wrist Piercing Tattoo