New Nutter Butter Cookies Have Double The Amount Of Peanut Butter Creme

It’s a no-brainer that the only thing better than classic cookies are sandwich cookies. And Nabisco has certainly delivered in the form of Oreo cookies and more. Over the years, we’ve all bonded over our love for Oreo’s classic vanilla creme filling. And one popular ‘trick’ among Oreo creme lovers was peeling the creme layer and stacking them all together to create the ‘ultimate’ creme filling. Seeing how much we love the creme, Nabisco began being more generous, starting with the Double Stuf, followed by the Mega Stuf, and finally the Most Stuf. And now they’ve doubled up the peanut butter layer in our favorite Nutter Butters as well!

Who can resist America’s favorite peanut butter cookie snack? Americans love it so much that Nabisco estimates that over a billion giant peanut-shaped cookies with peanut butter filling get eaten every year. And now, on its 51st year in the market, the brand has decided to treat their loyal snackers with a richer snacking experience with the Double Nutty cookies.


Nutter Butter has introduced a new cookie that fans will go nuts over

On March 3rd, the brand introduced their new addition via Instagram with a caption reminiscent of an iconic super spy’s catch phrase. Needless to say, their fans were ecstatic! Even self-proclaimed Oreo purists got in on the hype. Several snack sleuths on Instagram have already found the thicker cookies. Instagrammer @junkfoodaisle who disclosed that they found it at Safeway.

On the other hand, @junkfoodmom wrote that while the cookies “don’t look different”, you’ll really taste the difference. She further noted that they’re “definitely creamier and you can feel they are a bit heftier”. As of writing the Double Nutty cookies are available in-store and online. The family sized pack contains 24 cookies, so they’ll definitely manage to keep you satisfied for quite a bit. You can order it through Instacart (And hopefully through other online retail sites soon!). These should keep you happy throughout these turbulent times.