Prank Your Friends And Family With This Talking Toilet Paper Spindle

People of the past must have overestimated humankind when they predicted that we’ll have flying cars by the year 2020. Fast forward to 2021 and here we are – getting amazed at a silly invention called the Talking Toilet Paper Spindle. Although this hilarious invention is a far cry from what our ancestors expected from us, it just shows that people of this era know how to make mundane things more fun and interesting.

So, what does this talking spindle do? This simple item holds a roll of toilet paper which is inserted into a roll holder typically mounted on a wall. But this spindle does more than just hold the tissue paper. It has a built-in recording device that records a voice message, music or sound. Just turn the device on and press the record button. Use the built-in mic to record up to 6 seconds of audio, whether it’s your own message, a short audio clip from a movie or a line from a song.


Talking Toilet Paper Spindle

talking toilet paper spindle

The talking spindle uses special technology that detects movement. Each time someone pulls the toilet paper, the spindle senses the movement and automatically plays back the recorded sound. So, you can just imagine the surprise and the laughter from your unsuspecting victims.

talking toilet paper spindle record sounds


tp holder audio record and play back

This bathroom prank item can only hold one recording at a time. So each time you record new audio, it automatically overwrites the previous recording. This device requires 2 AAA batteries which you need to buy separately. It measures 8.25 inches x 6 inches and that fits any standard wall-mounted roll holders. Go ahead and make every bathroom trip an unforgettable experience with this talking spindle. One customer review reads:

“This is just funny. I purchased it as joke to mess with people and it is worth every cent. The sound comes out very nice and can be heard. The recording is not very long but it does not have to be.”



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