Urban Outfitters Has Launched A Corgi Dishware Collection And It’s Just The Cutest

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably obsessed with collecting unique kitchenware. And while our mothers may shake their heads at some of the cooking devices we’ve ordered online lately, Urban Outfitters’ utterly adorable dining ware may just be the exception. As we all know, Urban Outfitters is a lifestyle retail corporation that pays close attention to what people are into. And since the world’s obsession towards fluffy Corgis is no secret, the retailer let out a Corgi Dishware set that no one could possibly refuse.

We can totally envision Queen Elizabeth gifting these adorable Corgi-shaped mugs and snack bowls to her beloved grandchildren. (Or the other way around!) Of course, you don’t need to be a member of the royal family to be fond of the sassy, fluff-bottomed pooches. I’m totally besotted with their tiny little legs and wiggly butts, not to mention their intelligent facial expressions!

model holds the corgi dishware mug
Urban Outfitters


corgi dishware snack bowl
Urban Outfitters


This Corgi dishware is all you’ll ever want to need

When we say that UO pays attention, they really pay attention. They know the difference even the smallest details can make. Let’s take their adorable Corgi-shaped mug as an example. Now, you might be arguing, “It’s just a mug!” or something pointless like that. But have you ever seen a mug that’s got stubby little legs supporting it? Well? Have you? No? I thought so! Morning coffee has never been so cute!

According to the description, the mug shaped like a fat little Corgi is dishwasher safe. And since this mug is stoneware, you can pop this baby in the microwave or oven without worry, if ever you’re in the mood to make a mug cake. The beyond-adorable snack bowl is also dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe. Both items are food safe as well, meaning no toxic chemicals were used to make them.

corgi mug
Urban Outfitters



corgi mug with tiny paws
Urban Outfitters




The other half of Urban Outfitters’ Corgi dishware set is the bowl molded after the dog’s head. You’ll easily recognize that the bowl takes after the royal pooch because they’ve done a great job replicate their trademark ear shape. It’s not big enough for your serving of your favorite soup, but those halved strawberries topped with whipped cream look twice as mouthwatering than before in this dog-eared bowl!


Add some cuteness in your kitchen with these Corgi-shaped wares




If collecting weird kitchenware is your thing, don’t let your boring naysayers stop you from owning this cute dishware duo. The snack bowl can serve you in many other ways. You can use it to keep all your spare change and keys intact, fill it with your favorite sweets, or even use it as your “diet” bowl! Get the Corgi mug and bowl at Urban Outfitters for $16 and $14 respectively.

However, as of writing, the corgi dishware set appears to be on back order. The mugs are due to return sometime in February for the same price. The retailer hasn’t said anything about the bowl yet, but we’re sure the Corgi dishware will return together. Just keep your eyes and money ready, because when these come back, everyone’s going to want to have them!

Source: Urban Outfitters