30 Pets Whose Tanning Game Is Stronger Than Yours

If you think only humans love the sun then think again. Animals also love laying out in the sun as much as we do. On sunny days, you are likely to see your pets sunbathing and napping in the sunlight for hours. Seeing them kicking back and relaxing in the sun sometimes reminds us that we also need to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life.

Dogs, cats, pigs, chickens and other animals love laying out in the sun for many reasons. It’s no secret that sunbathing feels good. But it’s not just a matter of liking it. Animals are getting vitamin D from the sun just like us. This is very beneficial for them because it allows them to digest calcium and other minerals to strengthen their bones and joints. Dogs and cats, as they age, become prone to rheumatic diseases. Basking in the sun helps our pets alleviate the discomfort of joint pain caused by rheumatism.


People Are Sharing Photos Of Their Pets Sunbathing And They’re The Cutest Thing We’ve Ever Seen

pets sunbathing

Furthermore, sunlight directly activates key immune cells. Hence, sunbathing helps strengthen their immune system. Not to mention, a relaxing sunbathe is an effective stress-reliever for our animals. Exposure to solar rays boosts the production of serotonin, also known as the ‘happy hormone’. Higher levels of these hormones in the body contributes to stable moods that can make someone feel happy.


If I Fit, I Will Sit

dog fits in sunlight


“When the sun hits your spot just right”

pig basking in the sun


“Warm Ray Of Light!”

pets sunbathing dogs lined up

One of the most important reasons why animals love to bask in the sun has something to do with their body temperature. Unlike humans, most animals cannot regulate their body temperature. So, they have to rely on the sun to do so. Moreover, they need to raise their body temperature to digest their food. This is why we mostly see animals sunbathing after their meal.


“This Picture Of My Cat Oliver Enjoying The Spring Sun Is Just Melting My Heart”

fluffy cat enjoying the sun


“Even When It’s Cold Outside He Just Loves The Sun”

pets sunbathing dog enjoys the sun


Chickens Love The Sun Too

chickens love to sunbathe indoors
Luis Antonio Hernandez

A ray of sunshine is indeed crucial for our animal companions. This is why it’s important to take them outside from time to time for them to get their healthy dose of sunshine. Even if we’re unable to take them out for a walk, they still find ways to lay out in the sun whenever they see a chance. Just take a look at these cute photos of pets sunbathing. You can almost feel how content they are just by stretching out and enjoying the sun. And maybe we can take a hint from them.


“Shielding My Eyes From All The Haters”



“Paco Sunbathing. Normal Sploot / Fabulous Sploot”

dog feeling the sunlight


“My dog looks like she is glowing because she loves laying on this one spot where the sun shines straight through a tiny window”

tiny puppy looks like glowing in the sun


“Meet Cassius. Two Weeks Ago My Mom Found Him As A Stray, And Today I Found Him Sunbathing In My Kitchen”

pets sunbathing dog in the kitchen


“This Is My Staffie Benny. Benny LOVES The Sun”

dog loves the sun in the outdoors


“The Feel Of That Sun On Ya Skin”



“Anyone else’s cat sunbathe like this?”

pets sunbathing cat laying in the sun outside


“My Sister Recently Moved Out So Her Bedroom Is His Now. He Likes To Sit On The Bed And Sunbathe During The Day”

dog sits on the bed to sunbathe


“I let Sonic out on the balcony. 5 min later this is what I see”



This Dog Loves Sunbathing Indoors

dog enjoying the ray of sunlight indoors


“Cat baskin in the sun”

cat basking in the sun


“My aunt’s dog loves to sunbath like this. Reminds me of a Rotisserie chicken”

pets sunbathing dog looks like rotisserie chicken


“Just All My Cats Sunbathing”

pets sunbathing cats lined up


“Old man dragon and Cleo the ki baskin away”

pets sunbathing cat and gecko laying in the sun


“My cat loving the sunlight.”

cat laying on the floor to sunbathe
Maria Lucile


“Someone Is Truly Enjoying The Sun”

dog enjoys the sun indoors


“Dex, making himself comfortable”



Cat Sunbathing



Sun-Loving Chihuahua



“Praise The Sun”

puppy on the bed loves the sun


“Finding all the sun spots to bask in”



“Sun basking and nearly naked”



“Thinking about wormies”