Hershey’s Has Vampire Kisses Filled With Strawberry Crème For Halloween

Is it too early to load up your trick-or-treat buckets? Apparently, the good folks over at Hershey’s don’t think so. And that’s why they’re spoiling us with Halloween-themed Kisses as early as now. The brand recently gave select online snack reviewers an early look and taste of the new Vampire Kisses. Judging by the packaging alone, you can already tell that it’s a bloody good treat that even Count Dracula would approve of!

For starters, they come in a purple foil wrapper with red bats all over. Unlike typical chocolate Kisses, the narrow strips of paper on top of these treats do not indicate the word “Kisses.” Instead, these ones have paper plumes (Yes, they actually have a name!) that feature the word “vampire” on them. It’s definitely a nice spooky touch to add to your trick-or-treat goodie bags. But the real Halloween surprise lies inside these bite-size pieces.



Hershey’s new Vampire Kisses are oozing with strawberry crème filling to give you some “bloody fangs” this Halloween!

These treats actually consist of a milk chocolate shell with a strawberry crème filling inside. Take note, the filling is “gooey,” this is what Instagram user @markie_devo said. So, expect that it will literally ooze out once you’ve sunk your teeth into the chocolate covering. Sounds like a great and yummy alternative to other edible fake blood treats out there, don’t you think?


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Muhahaha(Dracula voice)?.. @hersheys is playing no games this Halloween and I’m loving the fk out of it. These new Vampire Kisses are made with a succulent milk chocolate shell followed by a bloody strawberry gooey creme on the inside. These are are delicious!! Almost as good as my number one favorite cherry cordial Kisses. The strawberry taste is semi sweet, not to crazy, just right?..I love this concept along with the packaging!! The paper ties have Vampire written on them.. So freaking fun!! These have hit some stores already and will be available nationwide by the end of this month. Keep those eyes pealed and those fangs drooling???..Huge thanx to the @hersheys fam Anna and Kaylee for these samples????

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The new Vampire Kisses are reportedly hitting the stores nationwide this month. They’ll come in 9.8-ounce bags and will retail for $3.79 each. As with any Halloween-themed treats, expect that they will be gone as soon as the spooky season is over. So, don’t hesitate to stock up on these strawberry crème-filled goodies whenever you spot them in stores!


And while you’re out scouting for these special-edition Kisses, you might stumble upon other Halloween-themed candies too! Apparently, there are three more coming our way, including Kit Kat Witch’s Brew, Reese’s Franken-Cup and Cookies ‘n’ Crème Fangs bar.


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If you haven’t seen the posts yet, @hersheys has announced some of their specialty #halloween candies. Some are #new and some we’ve seen already but all 4 sounds tasty. Witches Brew @kitkat_us are marshmallow creme flavored, Vampire Kisses are strawberry creme filled, @reeses Fraken-Cups are just dual colored but VERY fun, and the Fangs are just fun shaped Cookies ‘n’ Creme bars. So, this 2020 Halloween isn’t about new flavors as much as it is about new shapes and fun designs. And I’m good with that. What about you? . . . #cookiesncreme #kisses #hersheys #hersheyskisses #kitkat #reeses #reesespbcups #pbcups #peanutbutter #chocolate #strawberry #dadbod #dadbodsnacks #halloween #candy #foodpicoftheday #explorepage

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??? Hershey’s has a very exciting lineup of Halloween candy launching—and you won’t have to wait for it much longer because some stores are already pushing out Halloween candy! People are so fed up with 2020, we just started skipping months. Our friends at @Hersheys sent us a very generous Halloween kit with an inconceivable amount of candy, but the most interesting among it were these!?? ? ? Kit Kat Witch’s Brew – Crisp wafers in marshmallow flavored (green) creme.?? ? ? Kit Kat Pumpkin Pie – Crisp wafers in pumpkin pie flavored créme.?? ? ???? Reese’s Franken-Cup – Milk Chocolate with green colored crème.?? ? ???? Hershey’s Kisses Vampire – Milk chocolate filled with strawberry flavored crème.?? ? ? Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Creme Fangs?? ? Thank you so much, @HersheyCompany! ???

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Now that you’ve been warned, you’ll know for sure what to look for on your next grocery run. Good luck!