This Pet Snack Launcher Gets Your Pup Exercising For Their Snacks

There are two things that make a pet happy – playtime and snack time. This pet snack launcher combines playtime and snack time to make your dog or cat the happiest pet in the world. Featuring an innovative yet simple design, this easy-to-use device is definitely the most fun way to serve treats for your beloved pet. You and your animal buddy are sure to have the best time together with this ingenious pet feeder.

This handheld pet snack launcher has an internal spring catapult mechanism that shoots a tasty morsel into the air at the push of a trigger. No batteries required, just fill the unit with your pet’s favorite nibbles, pull down the slider, aim, and push the button to fire. Watch as your dog or kitty jump for joy as they catch their treats from mid-air.


Pet Snack Launcher

pet snack launcher

The pet snack launcher features a canister with a transparent cover. Simply remove the clear cover and fill the canister with your pet’s favorite dried treats. Place back the transparent cover to close. Pull the slider down and aim the muzzle up into the air. Then push the button to fire the nibbles rapidly across for your pet to catch and chase after. So, they can play and eat at the same time.

pet snack launcher dog treats


catapult mechanism dog feeder

And since you won’t be throwing those beef-flavored treats by hand anymore, you don’t have to worry about washing that strong, potent smell off your hands. The launcher also comes with a wrist strap for optimum portability. This handy feeder also makes a good training tool for your dogs and a fun way to reward them for a job well done. And if you know someone with playful pets, this should make a perfect gift for them. It measures 6.8 inches high, 4.5 inches wide, and 2.3 inches deep.

pet snack launcher handheld

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