You Can Now Get A Bounce House Version Of The Millennium Falcon

Can’t get enough of Star Wars? Then you might want to check out this Millennium Falcon bounce house. Without a doubt, this is the most remarkable inflatable attraction in the entire galaxy. This gigantic inflatable features a very realistic replica of the iconic Star Wars starship. It flaunts the details of the legendary spaceship on the outside. But once you go inside, you can have the Millennium Falcon all to yourself as you bounce your way around the spaceship.

Perfect for kids parties, or even adult parties, this magnificent inflatable will surely kick up any event. When fully inflated, it measures 35 feet long, 30 feet wide and 15 feet high. So, make sure there’s enough room for this massive bounce house to fit in. An inflatable Chewbacca figure stands beside the entrance to welcome the guests as they embark into the spaceship. Inside the starship, an inflatable R2D2 and a C-3PO graphic will keep you company as you jump around.


Star Wars Millennium Falcon Hyperspace Jump Experience

millennium falcon bounce house

You can role play like Hans Solo, explore the cockpit and pretend you’re piloting the entire aircraft. The cockpit area comes complete with a master control panel along with buttons, switches and gears. When you’re done playing pilot, you can eject yourself from the cockpit through a small slide to reach the main cabin. This area offers pop-up obstacles and it also comes with additional features such as a bunk and a holomap that projects a holograph that looks like the Death Star.

inflatable r2-d2 inside spaceship


millennium falcon bounce house exterior


inflatable star wars spaceship


millennium falcon bounce house back

The bounce house also has a laser cannon turret where passengers can pretend to fight the forces of the Imperial Army. It also includes a hologame table where guests can play dejarik. One of the spaceship’s impressive highlights is the slide on the center with a ceiling hatch depicting the legendary battle with a Star Destroyer and TIE fighters.


If you’re ready for an epic ride, you can buy the Millennium Falcon bounce experience here for a hefty price. But if $9,495 is too much for you, the cheaper option is to rent it from any bounce house rental company that has it on offer. Furthermore, this massive inflatable weighs 1,136 pounds and requires two blowers to inflate. It can sustain up to 12 high-jumping passengers at a time.


Learn more about the Millennium Falcon bounce house by watching the video below


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Source: Magic Jump