The Most Iconic Robots And Artificial Intelligence From Sci-Fi And Fantasy


Roll up! Roll up! Fans of fantasy and science fiction movies and TV shows, we've got something for you! It's no secret that these genres are obsessed with the idea of robots and artificial intelligence. And, for good reason! As time goes on, this is getting more and more relevant, and it might not even be too long before we have something approaching true AI in the real world. However, for now, let's focus on fiction! 'Novastor' has created this epic infographic featuring some of the most iconic robots and AI from pop culture throughout the ages. It feature's everything from 'Star Trek's' Data, to the 'Terminator' franchise's Skynet, to 'Futurama's' Bender. It makes us kind of wish that we had an intelligent robot pal in our lives! Check it out!
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