Tattoo Yatzil Creates Trippy Tattoos That Make You Feel Like You Have Double-Vision

Minimalist tattoos may not be as flashy as the colorful ones. But these simple designs also have their own distinctive charm that make them a growing trend in body art. Although the style uses only black lines to create a concise overall look, some artists are coming up with new techniques to make minimalist designs look more eye-catching. One of the best examples is the works of Mexican artist Yatzil Elizalde.

So, Elizalde’s body art will have you seeing double. She does it by creating the same image stacked twice or three times on top of itself. The result creates a double vision of the image that looks trippy and cool at the same time. Elizalde calls it the ‘Blurry Effect’ and her signature style has mesmerized enthusiasts all over the world.


This artist has designed the Blurry Effect that creates double vision

Before she started with body art, Elizalde has been making murals and other digital artworks to express her artistic prowess. She was 19 years old when she started creating body art. And since then, there was no turning back for her. She immediately fell in love with the art and discovered that no other canvas can be as beautiful as the human body itself. At 25, she now runs her own studio named White Light Tattoo in Hermosillo, Mexico.


“In my case, the process of getting better was studying a lot of different techniques and adapting the ones I was most comfortable with to my own work as well as allowing myself total freedom when designing.”, she says.

Sure, there are many talented artists that can brilliantly incorporate optical illusions into their creations. But Elizalde found a new concept to further challenge the visual perception of the viewers. Well, you only need to take a look at her creations and try to look at them as long as you can. We’re pretty sure you’ll also experience the visual sensation of seeing double. And feel free to look away when you’re feeling dizzy. Besides, that’s what the Blurry Effect is all about.

Source: Yatzil Elizalde