You Can Get Hogwarts-Inspired Book Nooks That Look Magical

Add some touch of magic into your bookshelf with this Hogwarts-inspired book nook. Every book lover needs a bookshelf where they can organize and show off their collections. But for Harry Potter fans, their bookshelf should look as magical as the fictional wizarding world. Needless to say, their complete set of Harry Potter books needs to be placed on a fantastical bookshelf to match the theme. And this is where a picturesque bookshelf diorama comes in. Pioneered by Japanese designer Monde, book lovers around the world were mesmerized when he introduced his series of wooden dioramas depicting the back alleys of Tokyo. Inspired by Monde’s work, other craftsmen have come up with their own bookshelf diorama inserts that are basically works of art.

 Since then, bookshelves aren’t just a piece of furniture used to store books. By fitting stunning bookshelf diorama between books, the shelves seem to become gateways to other worlds. And if you want to make your set of Harry Potter books come to life, this Hogwarts-inspired book nook will transport you to the magical world of wizards. Inspired by the moving staircases of Hogwarts, this wooden diorama features interconnecting stairs leading to different doors in different floors. Just like in the novel, the walls are adorned with portraits, only these don’t move and talk (otherwise that would be really creepy). The enchanting scene is illuminated by miniature LED lamps that would require batteries (not included).


Hogwarts-Inspired Book Nook

hogwarts-inspired book nook wooden diorama

What’s more amazing about this Hogwarts-inspired book nook is that the bottom staircase actually rotates. The bottom staircase is supported by a rotating pillar which is connected to the keg-shaped button at the corner of the floor. So when you rotate the button, the pillar also rotates to move the staircase. No bookshelf, no problem! You can also use this wooden diorama as an eye-catching home decoration to make every Potterhead jealous.

harry potter moving staircases diorama


harry potter moving staircases diorama details


harry potter moving staircases diorama portraits


harry potter moving staircases bookshelf insert


hogwarts-inspired book nook rotating staircase

But take note that this Hogwarts-inspired book nook doesn’t come fully assembled. This means you’ll receive it as a kit with separate components that will require assembly. But don’t let this get you down. The kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions and everything you need for assembly to make the process easier for you. Besides, it would be more rewarding to see the final product that you’ve worked on. When fully assembled, the wooden diorama should measure 8.8 inches tall, 8.3 inches wide, and 10.2 inches deep.

hogwarts-inspired book nook led lamps


hogwarts-inspired book nook moving staircases


harry potter moving staircases wooden diorama


hogwarts-inspired book nook

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Source: Etsy