This Artist Combines Unexpected Objects To Make Mind Boggling Images

We love it when people mess around with what’s considered ‘normal’. American graphic designer and creative director Randy Lewis does exactly this in a special way. He uses Photoshop to combine unexpected objects that result in mind boggling images. Some of the finished products end up as puns whereas others are totally random. We love the ‘watermelon’ and the ‘hedgehog’!

Butterfly or butter?

Sheep or cauliflower?

Crab or apple?

Fries or crayons?

Egg or Christmas ornament?

Hedge or hedgehog?

Jelly fish or gold fish?

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Pizza cutter or pizza?

Slug or toothpaste?

Lollipop or snake?

A sweet potato or a sweet potato?

Pool table or swimming pool?

Turtle or burger?

Water melon or watermelon?

Source: Instagram