A Beautiful Village Without Roads


The people of Giethoorn, Netherlands live a very simple life. There are no roads, which means no noise, pollution or traffic! Sounds bliss doesn’t it? Imagine the idyllic world you would live in if you traded in your car for a boat. To get around, residents can use the 4 miles of canals. Or if you prefer walking or riding a bike, there are pathways and 180 wooden bridges. Visitors are welcome in Giethoorn and you can take a guided tour on one of their boats. Another option would be to hire a boat and drive yourself around which we think would be way more fun! There are only around 2,600 residents lining in Giethoorn. People are calling this beautiful village the ‘Dutch Venice’.

village no roads large house

village no roads boats

village no roads corner bridge

village no roads bridge

village no roads speedboat

village no roads corner

village no roads cows

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