Funny Animals Who Flat Out Refuse To Act Normal

Funny animals and their unusual and ridiculous antics are just the best. More often than not, you’ve noticed your pet doing silly things that are definitely out of the ordinary. And it’s always amusing when they try to act like humans, settle in weird positions, end up in unusual places or get caught red-handed with their shenanigans. This just shows that animals have a good sense of humor too.

If you’re having a bad day, let these funny photos turn your frown upside down. We’ve compiled the most hilarious photos of animals acting so strange that it will make you laugh out loud. Whether they’re just being their crazy selves or they’re purposely trying to act stupid to make you smile, having these adorable creatures around surely makes life more interesting. Even these animals know that being normal is boring.

Check out these funny photos that will make you laugh. And don’t forget the share the good vibes with your friends who are in need of some smiles.


Funny Animals Who Think Normal Is Boring


“Repair Cat Is Not Amused”


Roof Cow


“Heard some rumbling in the closet while preparing a snack. Turned around to see this.”


“His brother was there for emotional support”


“Plan? I thought that you had a plan!”


“Kitten is stuck”


“A nice Russian Puppy”


“Oh, Hi!”


“I guess we have a new appliance”


“What do you mean, it’s not a real mouse?”


“Who put the fox on Y axis?”


“My cat didn’t even make it to the blinds, but he was excited to see my wife come home.”


Bikini Doodle


“Let’s open an account for these good boys”


“Sigh, another year older”


“So, what’s for lunch?”


“Not mine. I found this a week or two ago, and thought it was thoroughly disturbing. So, here you go!”


“Not again!”


“Mondays, am I right?”