People Who Dared To Bare The Brutal Truth To the World

First of all, let me ask you this question. Would you rather have someone hit you with the brutal truth or would you prefer a sympathetic lie to comfort you? People sometimes lie because they’re afraid of hurting someone’s feeling, especially when the truth hurts. But is this really the best thing? The truth will come out eventually no matter how hard you try to hide it. So why not knock them out with the truth, right? Well, that’s easier to say than to do. But these people didn’t even hesitate to break the brutal truth to the whole world. Read on and feel free to laugh.



One label-maker can’t bear the pain to himself any longer so he decided to let us know of his agony.

You better think of something to make it up to her or she’s gonna spend her birthday sulking all day long.

What could be worse than being with someone who’s always giving you false hopes.

The one that got away is always the one who always stays in the heart.

How are you gonna defend and justify your profession against these brutally honest people?

Consider suing your lawyers for being incompetent.

When you want to impress the world with your childish shenanigans but some witty comment proves more impressive.

These people are not afraid to spill the ugly truth to the world



What could you ask for more when you have the best.

Historical markers signify significant events that took place on the exact site. Even the not-so-significant events can also be commemorated.

Never judge a book by its cover. In this case, never judge a girl by its shirt.

This made me realize how fortunate I am to have a very supportive Dad. I feel sad for this girl, though.

This kid lives by the principle that honesty is the best policy. Even if it makes him rude.

Does this kid know that his secret is being broadcasted on live TV? I wonder what Mrs. Stevens feels about this.

Let’s give these irritable customer service a good run for their money.

Social painting is obviously not his thing. Well, he tried to draw a flower at the very least.