15 Times Witty People Made Life More Amusing and Hilarious

Imagine a life without humor and fun; it’s awfully sad, right? That’s why it’s no wonder that some people have more friends than other people. People love to stick around with someone who can make them laugh. We can’t deny the fact that we enjoy the company of funny people because they’re more fun to be with. They can turn any dull moment livelier than before by telling hilarious jokes and entertaining stories. We have gathered photos showing how some witty people made other people’s lives more amusing. And they will brighten up your day too.



Trust me, no one would ever suspect that your daughter was the one on the right.

So, this is the kind of peas she’s referring to.

Remember, sharing is caring. Share all the good things that can make a happy life such as putting your laptop to full-screen to help your classmates get through a boring class.

How to scare a bunch of girls who are currently on the process of contacting a restless spirit.

Consider turning your fitness apps to private mode next time so you won’t get busted.

We would like to know the name of that particular groomer so we can keep our pets safe from being ruined.

Listen up, Moms! This is how to boost your son’s confidence!

These witty people are truly the masters of interesting banters and wisecracks.



Does it mean we can’t eat this if we only have one hand?

We do the craziest things when we’re drunk. And we wake up not remembering (perhaps denying) all those insane antics we did last night. But this girl went on to prepare a gift for her sober self. Yes, crazy yet brilliant.

Parents can really give us a bit of inspiration to keep us going.

The good side and the bad side of the new generation.

Confetti are for happy occasions. So read between the lines to see how glad he is to break the news to you.

Some brutal prank to remind you of the horrific abomination you’ve committed.

Isn’t she a bit too young to be an inventory clerk?

Ice creams tend to taste nasty when they’re scared. So please…