13 Redesigned Movie Posters That Are Better Than The Originals


Have you ever looked at a movie poster and thought that you could do better? Well, Australian graphic designer Peter Majarich certainly has, because in 2016 he embarked on his “A Movie Poster a Day” challenge which, unsurprisingly, involves him recreating one movie poster each day for a year. Majarich’s posters are simple yet effective, as most of the best designs tend to be. They focus on something iconic about the movie (though sometimes in an abstract way) and therefore capture something of the film’s essence! Take a look at these thirteen redesigned movie posters that are better than the originals.



This is the perfect poster for The Truman Show.


We all know what happened to the Titanic, so there’s no need to hide it on the poster.


A clever poster for the Steve Jobs biopic.


And this one is definitely fitting for Snowden.


Let’s face it, Spider-pig was the star of The Simpsons Movie.


An unsettling but wonderful poster for The Silence of the Lambs.


We love this poster for Se7en!


Everyone knows the iconic shower scene from Psycho, so this is ideal!


This poster for Limitless fits with the topic of the film.


The King’s Speech was a great movie and this is a great poster.


This might be one of our favorites!


This totally outshines the original!


This really boils down to the essence of 1984!

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