Funny People Trying to Do Things The Way They Know How

A good sense of humor is a sign of intelligence. So if you are a funny person, it also means that you are intelligent. However, this statement is correct to a certain extent. You see, when people do things their own clever ways, they can also end up hilariously stupid. But as long as the result is funny, it’s good. Besides, funny people exist to give everyone a good laugh, whether they end up looking smart or dumb. We have round up some photos of hilarious people doing things the way they know how. It’s up to you to decide if they are being clever or not. But one thing is for sure, they’ll give you a laugh.



When you got a brand new car and you want to brag about it. Don’t just let them know it’s a toy.

Twitter | DrAlexTweets

Who doesn’t love money? We all need it but this couple made it so clear how they desire it.

The Chive

Everything has a video tutorial now. From makeup to DIY crafts, and even on how to eat Doritos the right way. A safety reminder to all Youtube tutors-to-be, make sure no one is around you while you’re recording a tutorial video and don’t ever do the video on stairs.

The Chive

Mobile order is the newest and coolest thing Starbucks has in store for us. But if you’re going to use it, make sure you’re sober to avoid putting in everything you see on the menu.

Reddit | Kresley

When someone tries to enhance his cooking skills at 3 AM.

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This girl knows how to work up a Tinder conversation and capture the heart of a guy in an instant.

Reddit | OnceUponAPizza

Dave must be a really really good guy.

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Brilliant or stupid? These funny people tried to do things their way and the result is hilarious.



A very supportive family doesn’t just simply attend your graduation, they will rather make it look like you’re some kind of an idol.

Twitter | @jordansimone_

Someone tried to bake a brownie but it didn’t turn up as expected. Looks like baking is not her calling after all.

Twitter | @linpulls

When things get out of hand… or rather when letters get messed up on hand.

Reddit | bunbun_x

Now we know the story behind the eye-catching pink hat in every Cubs game.

Twitter | CryPtICcR33PEr

How to send a message to your neighbor-in-hell the subtle yet obvious way.

Reddit | kalinkabeek

Practice what you preach, girl!

Imgur | Jared

God is watching over us but this guy doesn’t mind at all.

Twitter | @NoIAmNaomi

We see what you’re hiding in there.

Imgur | CryPtICcR33PEr