People Who Failed To Pay Attention And Paid The Price

The most surprising things happen when people fail to pay attention to what’s going on around them. Are these people just too lazy to keep their focus or are there some other reasons for their negligence? But no one gets away from making careless mistakes and ignoring instructions. If you fail to heed relevant details, sloppy errors are likely to occur. And these errors usually lead to hilarious outcomes that keep other people paying attention to us instead. So may we have your full attention now? We have assembled our list of the funniest examples of people who failed to pay attention. And have to face the consequence of their negligence.



There are no shortcuts to success. Force it and you’ll get stuck.

Reddit | Joseph_Hughman

It pays off to pay a visit sometimes.


When your phone’s battery swells and pushes off the screen, you know you’ll be having a hard time. But at least the screen is still working.

Reddit | Nebulous_Raze

Always observe safe work practices at all times such as wearing a hair net to avoid this disaster.


The giant star-wand is a good touch but I think that’s a risky move. Can you see those low electric cables that might get caught with it?

Reddit | ErmahgerdMerker

This sign of peace has a hidden meaning and it’s not something flattering.


DO NOT eat these donuts.

Instagram | trapezy

Always pay attention to avoid making these hilarious mistakes



When you lose your focus so bad that you have no idea what you got yourself into.

underwear stuck in the ladder people failed to pay attention
Reddit | FourthAge

Vacuum cleaners will suck everything in their way, even your most beloved earbuds.

Reddit | LaughOutLoud28

Well, you tried to hide the truth but nice try.

Instagram | meme.w0rld

Remind me, what’s the shape of a globe again?

Reddit | Nasha199 | Twitter | Lord_Mandalore

When you leave a cute Easter bunny chocolate in the car on a hot day.

Reddit | Onion_Do_Piaza

It’s nice to feel like a kid sometimes.

Instagram | will_ent

Everyone, I really need your sympathy right now. I’m sick and please don’t mind the earbuds.

Reddit | sailorjupiter28titan

Restrooms are supposed to be the most private of all places. But when you put mirrors in the ceiling, it’s no longer a private place to do your private business.

Reddit | maya_gaspar