Put Your Dog To Work As A Mechanics Assistant With One Of These Dog Tool Jackets

Three years ago, a photo of a Dachshund wearing a dog tool jacket went viral. Much to the amusement of people, the dog served as a cute little assistant while it carried the tools around for the mechanic. Little is known about the said photo and up till now, the source of the photo is still unknown. So, people are still in the dark about the clever invention that can transform a dog into a mechanic.


amazon dog tool jacket viral photo


Based from the photo, the black Dachshund wears a tool jacket that looks like a vest. It has a zippered closure at the top. Additionally, it has four pockets on each side to hold up to eight automotive tools. The jacket on the photo can be seen holding eight different hand wrenches and socket wrenches. As the dachshund dog stays beside the mechanic, it conveniently functions as a mobile tool box. So the mechanic won’t have to move back and forth to get the tools he needed. How convenient!

This Dachshund is wearing a dog tool jacket that conveniently carries automotive tools


working dog tool jacket


dog tool jacket mobile toolbox


dog tool jacket russia


So, is there any way that we can also get this for our dog? We came across this retailer on Amazon that sells a similar tool jacket. The seller even used the photos as inspiration for the dog harness and it has a zippered closure and four pockets on each side. The black vest measures 16 inches by 12 inches. Although it’s unavailable as of the moment, you can check it out up close if ever you plan to make your DIY jacket.


amazon jacket


amazon jacket multiple pockets


dog tool jacket mechanic assistant


So, not only can your dog help with your car but it can assist with other DIY jobs around the house too. Just swap the tools in the jacket to the ones you need. With the dog tool jacket, your dog can be your best friend and your assistant too! Get yours here.