People Having Weird Behaviors Can Do the Funniest Things Ever

Human beings are unpredictable due to their unique nature. But those with weird behaviors can do things that can really surprise and amuse us. It’s nice to go out of the ordinary once in a while because monotony can make us dull. People tend to crack up when they see something hilariously strange or out of place. However, some people are just plain odd that they can either blow our minds or scare us for life. We may not want to admit it, but people with weird behaviors make life more colorful with their crazy antics. We have collected the funniest examples of weird people doing what they have to do.



Someone is challenging you to steal this pair of slippers. Take it if you can.

Reddit | Patto123123

This is the coolest trio I’ve ever seen.

Instagram | thesavageposts

The artist finds the background more interesting than the model.

Reddit | Nightiscom

If you have the guts to lick your wounds then you’d probably give this candy a try.

Reddit | alexreedytofficial

She needs to work on her poor driving skills.

Reddit | Whitlow14

It’s all about the presentation. Anyone can turn any food into fine dining with a little bit of skill.

Instagram | will_ent

You know she’s okay when her dog replies with a text message.

Instagram | will_ent

People with strange behaviors doing their own eccentricities



While everyone’s taking mirror selfies with their phones, I’m here taking it with my beloved Pop-Tarts.

Reddit | Stados4

Birthday cakes are supposed to be delightful. And a picture of a scary killer-clown is certainly not our idea of a delightful cake.

Reddit | Ediferious

If you really want to make it big in the music industry, make sure to have a catchy stage-name and a striking identification card. Don’t be like this aspiring rapper.

Reddit | TehMexicanLime

If you have plenty of time to kill, you can make a burger out of your phone.

Instagram | will_ent

His scalp needs sun protection more than his eyes.

Reddit | OisinB

A flood is no match for a creative mind. Take that, flood!


Mermaid nails are only good to look at. Don’t even make a slight move if you don’t want them broken.

Reddit | neuron_fc

The drinking straw was an elegant touch to this beverage-style haircut. But overall? It’s downright weird.