Misleading Product Packaging That Are Can Be Considered Cheating In SO Many Ways

Companies would do everything in their power just to make their products sell. They would go through all the crazy marketing like do a bizarre commercial, conduct a social experiment, and the most strategic act, make a misleading product packaging so deceitful it will definitely make you go “Wait..What?”, “Oh, no they did NOT!”, “Seriously?!”, and the like. But, is it really a smart move knowing their customers will be so pissed they would not dare buy again?

Scroll down to know some of the sneaky ways of these companies through their deceitful packaging.

  1. When you think the best option is to buy a legit software installer and not just illegally download it online. Installation really was easy, but deceiving you was a lot easier. *insert troll meme here*

2.  With a big company like this, wasting paper is no big deal. Does this even take half the space of the box?

3. I mean, does the company ever think of the plastic waste while making these bottles?!

The space goes up and up.

4. Maybe you just have to scatter the pepperoni yourself.

5. They have their own version of the word “big”.”Less air” you mean?

6. I think it’s time to hire a new design team. The difference is so uncanny.

7.When they wrote save 1/3, they really mean you get to keep 1/3 of the whole salmon.

8. Now I know why these oranges seem to be a lot brighter and look more fresh.

9. When you think you saved a lot by buying this holiday package. ‘Tis the season to be this sneaky.

10. They forgot to factor in the other ingredients, or did they?

11. Could this get any clearer? This is confusing in so many levels.

12. This kills the panda fanatic in all of us. This is why we have trust issues.

13. How ironic, isn’t it? This packaging wants to challenge you.

14. Maybe the reason why AA batteries are not included because it actually does not use any of it.

15. To be fair, the packaging did not really state if the extra will be in the same size. But still..

This is just plain deceiving.

16. They forgot to edit the design of the packaging and change it to just “cookie”.

17. Surprise, surprise. On the bright side, you get two for the price of one!

18. Wow, would you look at the spacing between each of the bite- sized chocolates.

19. These cranberries were perfectly placed. You know what they say, if you have it, flaunt it!

Flaunted cranberries

20.  What a great cover to cover the gap. SMH. Such a waste of material.

21. I think the concept of color coordination needs to be introduced badly to their packaging design team.

22. Imagine the heartbreak of every kid who gets to open this box. Cheated on such a young age.

23. The creator of this must have wanted to take a beer so bad he created a something that looks like it instead.

24. So, is Canada a part of USA now? I’m deeply confused.

 25. That box is awfully big for only 3 pieces of chocolate.

26. And how does this work exactly? I don’t think these should be taken at the same night.

27. At least, there’s 10%.

28.  But first, you have to struggle while opening this first. The irony.

29. Does this company ever realize the waste  in paper and plastic they produce?

30.  Because you can never have too many oranges your whole life.

31. Welcome to Russia!

32. If you think about it, it’s right. I don’t know what’s the best thing to do- laugh or be mad.

33. Basically, the whole brownie is a complete and utter lie.

34. We can’t understand what it says. One thing is for sure, this is a scam.

36. There is nothing to prolong here.

37. Maybe it tastes good if the two flavours don’t mix, so they decided to cut it without telling you.

37. Oh, they mean the font used was bigger.

38. The one who made this was baked and stoned.

39. Couldn’t have picked a better picture to describe what it is not for.

40.  You’re paying $3 for 15 pcs of gummy bears. Worth it?

41. They are playing with our hearts.

42. But, you can actually feel that the packaging of this is halved when holding it….

 43. Why can’t the total number just be put, it’s confusing than it already is.

44. Imagine the waste this company is adding everyday. The extra packaging is so unnecessary.

45. …And again. WHat’s up with these medicine companies?

46. This is actually both funny and upsetting.

47.  Imagine being hungry you can eat a whole smoked rib. Then this happens…

48. Where did the other half go?

48.  This is very misleading. Is it hard not to confuse people?

50. Even water costs so much now. Tap water, please?

51. Will it hurt them to just use a smaller box and actually help save this planet??

52. Oh, look! M&M’s inside another M&M’s. It’d be great though if it had a lot more inside.

53. Either they had a shortage on biscuits or they just want to mess with our feelings.

54. Looks like they did not “harvest” enough cookies.

55. Umm… I’d like to think this was a huge mistake. It hurts my eyes.

56. Who would actually have a “good day” after seeing this?

57. Are you even allowed to open this?

58. This is why preparing a meal yourself at home is better than actually buying it on the go.

59. This was a nice deal. Until, you open it.

60. I think they may have exaggerated the dent under this container.

61. The actual stickers were only almost have the packaging. But hey, be happy!

62. It says it’s a family pack. But, is it, though?

63. Such tiny bottles for such not-so-tiny price tag.

64. This could have been packaged in a way it’s easier to open.

65. Why bother putting it in a bigger package when you have a smaller one that fits better? Beats me.

66. It may not be the best a man can get.

67. These sour candies aren’t long enough. Why aren’t they long enough??

68. Is this how they do chocolates in Turkey? If yes, thanks for the warning.

69.  Lighting is key.

70. The toothpaste tube shrunk so hard. This looks so wrong.

71. Reading and noticing the colors between the two is crucial on this product.

72. Because there can never be enough Nutella.

73.  I have seen a lot of this already. Why can’t they just create a more fitting box?

74. Do “caps” and “capsules” mean the same thing?

75. “Give it a trim”. But first, you have to trim this packaging off.

76. If they can just save paper, that would be so great.

77. I prefer this without the box.

78. Crossing fingers that there are really 28 pieces inside.

79. When you just want guacamole but there are other things interfering…

80. The only Halloween-ish about this is, well…

And the list goes on…