Ruthless Marketing Schemes That Have Deceived Customers

Companies will do just anything to sell their products and services. Even to the point of making blatant lies in order to lure in more buyers. False advertising and misleading commercials are all over the place but seems like people never learn. Eye-catching advertisements and empty promises never fail to suck us in. But in the end, we realized that what we bought turns out differently from what we expect. Instead of frustrating about the deception, some people rather share their stories for the world to see. In most cases, these obvious lies are so hilarious that we can’t help but laugh at them. Here are examples of ruthless marketing schemes that had customers falling into their traps.



Here’s hoping that both fans of Hannah Montana and Harry Potter would join forces to sell this thing out.

ruthless marketing schemes

The package says bunny but what’s inside says monster.

unknown author / imgur

Size does matter. But perhaps it got shrunk down on its way to the customer.

Logofascinated / reddit

It only took 3 pepperonis to deceive me.

drewsoulman / reddit

This electric panel obstructs the nice view of the river. So some clever engineer printed this to make up for the blockage.

MalteseAppleFan / reddit

This makes you wonder what kind of coffee have you ordered. That’s not even a white coffee. It looks more like an unclean water.

unknown author / imgur

Shiny, glittering splendid on the outside. Dull and uninspiring on the inside.

Squakitty / reddit

Have you been tricked by ruthless marketing schemes? These people learned their lesson in the most hilarious way.



This can be good, if you wish to erase your lips and eyes from your face.

QuincyDental / reddit

The original picture is dubious enough and you still fell for it.

elit173 / reddit

You should have known but dinosaurs don’t last that long.

pixelbased / reddit

This set of wallpapers excels in falling short to expectation.

Bonsai_Nation / reddit

This Halloween treat suddenly turned into an April Fool’s prank.

HavenElric / reddit

You picked the wrong product. That’s a face mask for dwarfs.

whoaaintitfun / reddit

Always keep this thing out of your children’s reach. Or they’ll drink it, seriously. If we don’t know how to read labels, we’ll probably drink it too.

unknown author / reddit