These Cute Peeps Inflatables Will Take Your Easter Game To The Next Level

Last year’s Easter festivities were definitely not the same without Peeps Marshmallows. But in case you haven’t heard, everyone’s favorite marshmallows are set to return to shelves this year! And to say that this bit of news had us hopping like bunnies is an understatement. But the return of the iconic Easter marshmallow treats aren’t the only good news we’ve got coming. It turns out that there are Peeps Inflatables that you can use to decorate your garden this Easter!

Part of the Easter excitement is the preparation stage. Preparing the venue is definitely one of the things that many folks look forward to! And with these inflatables, transforming your garden into an Easter egg hunt-ready venue just got a whole lot easier! They’re sure to make your garden look a whole lot more whimsical! Amazon store GOOSH offers the Peeps-inspired garden décor. Unfortunately, they only offer bunny-shaped inflatables. We’re not sure whether they’ll have chick-shaped inflatable garden décor, but we’re definitely keeping our fingers crossed!

Pink Bunny Peeps Inflatables Garden Decoration


Dress up your garden this Easter with these adorable Peeps Inflatables

GOOSH’s bunny-shaped inflatables come in blue and pink. Each inflatable garden decoration stands 5 feet tall. With this height, they’ll definitely be hard to miss. They’ll definitely delight your neighbours throughout the day. During the day, the inflatables’ bright blue and pink colors will definitely stand out. Then, at night, you can light them up as each inflatable bunny comes with a pure LED light inside.

Pink Bunny Peeps Inflatables illuminated by internal LED light

The inflatables have four stakes for support and are tethered to the ground by two ropes. You also won’t need to worry about keeping your bunnies close to your home because they come equipped with an extension cord that stretches up to 10 feet! Peeps fans and Easter egg hunters will definitely adore your hoppin’ decorations! Unfortunately it appears that the Peeps bunnies are currently sold out on GOOSH’s Amazon store as of writing. We’re definitely hoping that they’ll restock these Peeps-inspired decorations before Easter. But in the meantime, why not check out their other Easter inflatable decorations that are still available? Check GOOSH’s Easter decorations here.