People Are Making Candy Cane Pizzas And I Don’t Know What To Think

So, you don’t like pineapples on your pizza? Perhaps the candy cane pizza is your thing? But is there even such a thing? Back in December 4, 2017, DiGiorno posted an online poll on Twitter to let its fans choose among three flavors including candy corn, candy cane, and pineapple. The last option wasn’t actually surprising since pineapple pizza has been around for a long time. But the first two options were unheard of.

Of course, pineapple pizza won by a mile and it really was the obvious winner since the poll started. Many people were baffled as to why the frozen pizza brand even considered putting up candy corn and candy cane pizza on the options. And the brand cold-bloodedly replied ‘Why not?’ which just makes sense.


The Candy Cane Pizza Will Bring More Pizzazz To Your Holiday

christmas candy cane pizza

But it turned out that the candy-flavored pizza wasn’t DiGiorno’s original idea. In September 18, 2017, Twitter user @TheRealAsswolf posted photos of the candy corn pizza featuring a frozen pizza topped with candy corns. As expected, people have mixed opinions about the weird-looking pizza. As a response to this, Twitter user @gotham146 posted photos of the candy cane pizza. It features an original DiGiorno Rising Crust topped with candy canes and Santa candies.


It All Started From This Candy Corn Pizza

candy corn pizza

So, it appeared that DiGiorno included those two odd pizza flavors as a reference to the brilliant people who used their frozen pizza to create new culinary atrocities. Well, if you’re interested to know how cheesy pizza and minty candy canes taste together then you can easily prepare one for yourself. Buy a DiGiorno Rising Crust, top it with candy canes, and pop it in the oven. It’s as easy and simple as that. What do you think of this unique Christmas-inspired pizza flavor? Would you dig in or pass up?

digiorno original rising crust


candy cane pizza


candy cane pizza with santa candies

Source: Twitter