Up Your Easter Game This Year With An Inflatable Easter Bunny

Who says Christmas and Halloween are the only times that you can decorate your yard? Get your home ready for spring and start the Easter festivities by adding this inflatable Easter Bunny to your outdoor space. Just like Santa is for Christmas, the Easter Bunny is the folkloric figure of Easter. And just like Santa Claus and Christmas, the mysterious hopping figure also has no clear connection to the Christian holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. However, one theory claims that it stemmed from the fact that rabbits are prolific breeders especially in spring. Hence, rabbits have become the symbol of new life and spring which were later associated with the Christian tradition.

It goes without saying that the Christian holiday just isn’t complete without the Easter Bunny. Children all over the world believe that the adorable figure comes out every spring and hides decorative eggs for them to hunt. So, why not make their egg hunting adventure even more enjoyable by putting this Easter Bunny in your yard? This 4-feet tall outdoor decoration has an internal high-speed fan that blows up the pink rabbit in just a minute.


Inflatable Easter Bunny

inflatable easter bunny

With its 150L warm white LED lights you can create an eye-catching display. The inflatable bunny comes with an extension cord to let you plug it in and place it anywhere in your front yard. It comes with four ground stakes, two fastening ropes and a built-in sandbag to keep the rabbit in place even in windy conditions.

inflatable easter bunny outdoor decor


blow up rabbit outdoor decor details


inflatable easter bunny led lights

Delight your kids and everyone in the neighborhood with this friendly-looking rabbit cheerfully holding a carrot. It also makes an attractive indoor decoration that provides warm illumination inside your home. No need to use an air pump or any other tools to set it up. Find the perfect location to place it, secure it in place using the included stakes and ropes, plug in and watch it inflate fast as the internal LED lights brighten up your space.

blow up rabbit outdoor decor


light up rabbit with internal fan

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light up inflatable easter bunny

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