These Brothers Have Recreated Old Family Photos and The Results Are Hilarious


Two brothers had the most genius and hilarious gift idea for their parents' wedding anniversary. Rather than go for an obvious, unimaginative gift, like flowers or a picture frame, they decided to select some of their childhood photos and recreate them. Did we mention that these brothers are now fully grown men? The results certainly are funny, but some of the new snaps are just that little bit awkward. You can't fault their effort, though, as the guys have gone to painstaking lengths to make sure all the details in the new photos match up with the old. According to the Imgur page on which the brothers displayed the photos for the world to see, their parents loved it, and that's the main thing! We're not sure that we'd go quite as far as these guys did, but the resulting images are brilliant, and a little bit sweet, as well, so we take our hats off to them.

Website: Imgur


It all starts off rather adorably. Look at those boys in a box, and they've even hand drawn the new box to resemble the original. That's dedication.

Look at those Halloween costumes. Loving the vampire wizard clown.



Loving the overalls. Both then and now photos are so good!

Fairly innocuous here. Clearly not the same bookshelf or blackboard, but we'll let him off on account of the thumbsucking.

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