You Can Now Get Oreo Eggs Stuffed With Creme And Cookie Pieces

You won’t have to wait until Easter to enjoy egg-shaped confections anymore. Nabisco are re-releasing their creme-filled Oreo Eggs for the second time this year! The brand released their sweet egg-shaped snack earlier this year. Fans quickly snapped them up faster than the Easter Bunny could hop and hide his gifts. I don’t know about you but we definitely want a box or two in our Christmas stocking this year!

These ggs are back for the winter holidays.

At first glance, Oreo appears to have not changed much apart from from the packaging. The chocolate confection came in an easily recognizable box that featured a flowery meadow and a pair of quintessential bunny ears. This time, the creme egg has returned fully decorated with wintry theme.

oreo eggs



oreo egg in blue


One thing we’re currently loving about Nabisco’s re-release in the attention to detail they’ve put to the product’s packaging. Initially, shiny blue foil emblazoned with the brand’s logo covered these delectable eggs. It was all pretty standard. On the other hand, the brand has definitely brought their A game with for this. The eggs have taken a tinsel-like appearance with alternating blue and silver festive foil wrappings.

It’s unlike any chocolate creme egg treat you’ve tried before.


oreo egg in silver


The Oreo Eggs is different from the other creme egg treats we’ve known all our lives. These chocolate egg treats all look pretty similar on the outside but the contents are very different. When you break the thick chocolate shell , you’ll find a vanilla creme filling mixed with crushed cookie bits. Before all people knew to expect from creme egg treats were smooth, creamy textures. So naturally, Nabisco’s decision to add Oreo cookie crumble bits to the mix sparked a wave of excited interest to their product.


And unfortunately, several reviewers noted that the creme filling needed a bit of work. According to them, the consistency of the Oreo Eggs’ creme filling was nowhere near creamy. Hopefully, Nabisco’s heard these comments and made some improvements to the filling!


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You can also get a Dairy Milk version

oreo eggs


dairymilk oreo eggs

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