This Murphy Cabinet Bed Converts Into A Queen Size Bed In Seconds

Space is a common problem among many homeowners. So, it’s a good thing that furniture brands are starting to address the demand for space-saving and multipurpose pieces. Previously, we’ve featured a stylish murphy cabinet bed for dogs. If you loved that concept, then you’ll be happy to know that you can now get one for yourself. This unique cabinet converts into a queen-size bed in less than a minute, with no tools required.

Made from hardwood, this dual-purpose furniture piece measures 63.5″ long, 23.7″ wide and 41.1″ tall in cabinet form. So, it consumes only about ten square feet of floor space. In bed form, the width extends to up to 83.1″, offering adequate space that can comfortably sleep two people. Converting the cabinet into a bed is also relatively easy. In fact, even a single person can do it.

murphy cabinet bed


murphy cabinet bed full transformation


This murphy cabinet bed converts into a queen-size bed in less than a minute, with no tools required

To start off, remove the rolling drawer from the base of the cabinet and set it aside. Next, unfasten the latches on both sides of the cabinet, then pull out the bed extension from the bottom. There are felt pads on each corner of the extension which indicate that you’ve reached the end.

murphy cabinet bed storage drawer and extension


murphy cabinet bed front

Afterward, pull the cabinet facedown onto the extension, then lift the slat support. Pull it out once more to fully reveal the frame of the bed. Finally, pull the mattress down and set it in place, then roll the drawer back into its spot. There you have it! Now, all you need are some plush pillows as well as a comfy sheet and blanket to complete your cozy bed.

double purpose cupboard bed transformation


double purpose cupboard bed frame

This convertible cabinet is available in three finishes—cherry, dark chocolate and white. Each set includes a tri-fold premium gel memory foam queen mattress, so you don’t have to worry about having to buy one separately. The mattress comes with a limited three-year warranty, while the bed is covered by a limited ten-year warranty.

double purpose cupboard bed with mattress


double purpose cupboard bed

With every purchase, you’ll also get two sets of drawer knobs in either wood or metal finish. To top it all, the bed comes with a built-in dual power socket and two USB ports, allowing you to charge your devices in bed. Just don’t forget to unplug them once fully charged.

One satisfied customer wrote:

“Great piece of furniture. All hardwood construction. Delivered 90% assembled. Great value and great bed for those with a lack of space.”

Get yours here.

Witness this space-saving convertible cabinet in action via the videos below


Source: Amazon