12 Indisputable Signs That You’re The Weird Friend


There's always at least one weird friend within any group of pals, and if you don't know who it is, then it's probably you! There's no shame in being the weird one… in fact, your friends love you for it and secretly wish that they were a bit more like you. However, it can be a little bit isolating sometimes because you're not quite on the same page as your compadres. If you're not sure whether or not you're the strange one of the group, check out these twelve indisputable facts that you're the weird friend.


You're used to seeing this face from your friends.

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You wear things that nobody else could pull off.

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You're usually the one who's ruining the group photo by pulling a silly face.

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Theme parties are totally your jam.

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You often wonder why your friends never come to you for relationship advice…

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But always come to you for advice on scaring people off.

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You're used to being told to "act normal" when meeting a friend's family member or new SO for the first time.

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It's not unusual for you to be the only one laughing at your jokes.



You can remember more than one occasion when you've embarrassed your friends.

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And sometimes your pals are all talking about something excitedly and you have no idea what it even is.

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You know there are certain situations when you have to try to curtail your weirdness.



But sometimes one of your friends says "Who wants to get weird?!" and you are so in!


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