This Is “Oreo Cloud” – A Tiny Merle Chow Who Will Grow Into A Giant 85-Pound Fluff Ball

When Sara Hamilton and her husband welcomed their fluffy addition to their family, they couldn’t help but give him an adorably sweet nickname: Oreo Cloud. And one look at the 4-month-old Merle Chow will have you nodding in total agreement with its parents. Their fluffy baby isn’t a common Chow. Merle Chows are unique. Their spotted coat stands out more compared to his solid-colored fellows. And in the eyes of his loving furparents, Chief looks more like an Oreo McFlurry in fluffy puppy form than just an adorable pooch.

Sara was so besotted with their fluffy pooch that she couldn’t help but share some photos of him in the popular Dogspotting Society Facebook group. And the group’s members quickly fell for the pup’s charm. Her post showcasing their cookies ‘n crème-colored Chow was an instant hit, as it gained over 22K reactions and 2.6K comments a couple hours after its posting. I mean… how could anyone not have hearteyes for this adorable pooch?


Meet Chief and his mom, Sara Hamilton


Chief is Blue Merle Chow pup


“Our little Oreo Cloud is actually named Chief! Oreo Cloud is our favorite nickname for him since he looks like an Oreo McFlurry fluff.”

Blue Merle Chows aren’t common in the breed. In fact, many in the Chow circle regard them as inbreeds or mutts because of their unique fur pattern. The prejudice directed towards the unique color isn’t necessarily aimed at the innocent pooches, of course, but instead at the breeders. Many claim that breeders deliberately produce a litter of rare color pups to attract prospective buyers willing to pay top dollar for the rare pup. This controversial practice has led to owners acquiring DNA tests for their pets, to see whether they’ve been duped or not. The discussion regarding the legitimacy of Blue Merle Chows continues in several Chow Chow communities online. But one thing is for sure: pure breed Chow or not, pups like Chief are undeniably adorable!


And according to his humans, the spotted Chow pup is the sweetest thing


“We named him Chief because he will grow to be around 85 pounds and also because he is most definitely a leader, not a follower. He came to us fully potty-trained at 8 weeks and is very well-behaved, he learns quickly!”

Since the Chow Chow breed started off as a guard dog for homes and livestock, you can’t expect them to be social or outgoing. They’re fiercely protective of their home and family. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be loving lovable floofs. In fact, Chief’s parents have noted that their spotted fluff’s got a really fascinating personality. Chief likes to cuddle. And he most certainly enjoys napping on his humans. Then, when he dozes off, he’ll out-snore anyone in the house!

Chief also loves baths! His parents said that he gets upset when someone bathes without calling him! Aside from these quirks, the Hamiltons also say that Chief is very protective. In fact, he’s developed a habit of sleeping by the Hamilton’s main door!


He also has a chameleon brother


“The sweet fluff entered our lives just a week ago. Perfect timing now that we have a lot of time to spend with him as a puppy. He came to us from Omaha, Nebraska, which is about a 1,700 mile journey to Northern California! We are recently married and we felt this was a great time to add to our little family. He also has a chameleon brother.”


He’ll become a therapy dog when he grows up


“I have a background volunteering with sick kids in hospitals, so I knew he would be the most amazing therapy dog that would help bring a little joy in their darkest moments.”


But since he can’t be taken to training school, his parents are training Chief themselves for now


“He’s progressing very well.”


“Once the world heals and we can resume normal life, we will be taking him to attend a series of basic dog training and therapy classes. Once he is one year old and has taken the essential classes, he can officially take his final test to be certified. Then he will be working weekly visits in children’s hospitals.”

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