Meet “Edna” She Goes And Finds The Fluffiest Dogs In Daycare And Naps On Them

We all know that man’s best friend loves making new buddies. Dogs are incredibly social creatures, just like us! Their amazingly amusing interactions always manage to reduce us into mush. And this story’s no different. Meet Edna, this pretty pitbull likes to nap on the fluffiest dogs in her daycare. And she’s won her hearts in the process!

Edna’s been attending doggy daycare for some time now. She starts off her day running around and playing for a couple of hours. Then, when her energy’s all spent, little Edna moves on to secure a comfy spot for her to rest. But finding such a spot may be a challenge, since every other dog’s after the same thing. So Edna decided to improvise by nestling up next to her fluffy friends in the daycare. This adorable little routine of hers has become her trademark in the daycare, and the dogs don’t seem to mind Edna’s company.

Edna the pitbull pup enjoys napping beside the fluffiest dogs at her daycare


“All the dogs seem to enjoy the snuggling company. Even the weiner dogs.”

edna sleeps on a small yet fluffy dog
Brianna Gottfried


edna cuddles up to a fluffy dog
Brianna Gottfried

According to her human, Brianna Gottfried, Edna’s been snuggling up to the daycare’s dogs ever since she was a little pup. And she’s clearly not going to stop any time soon. Her fluffy friends offer no objection to her snuggling habit either, so Brianna and the daycare staff just let her do her thing. In fact, it’s become a part of Brianna’s daily routine to find Edna dozing off next to one of the daycare’s dogs when she comes to pick her up and take her home.

edna naps next to a big doggo
Brianna Gottfried


edna curls up to a big dog at the daycare
Briana Gottfried


“When it’s time to go home, I always have to peel her off of another dog.”

edna naps on top of a fluffy dog
Briana Gottfried


pitbull puppy likes napping on the daycare
Briana Gottfried


This pup’s habit of snuggling next to the daycare’s dogs is a perfect example of how affectionate pitbulls can be

In case you didn’t know, pitbulls actually love snuggling, despite their reputation. They may not enjoy the company of other dogs so much, but they really love sleeping next to their humans. Pitbulls are great protective companions, specially when trained right and raised in a loving environment. Edna’s certainly growing to be a loving pooch, and we hope we get to see more of her adorable snoozefests!

edna naps on the fluffiest dogs in the daycare
Briana Gottfried


pitbull puppy naps beside the daycare's fluffiest dogs
Briana Gottfried


Edna’s owner says she always finds the pup snuggling with a bigger dog at the daycare

edna the puppy naps on the fluffiest dogs in doggy daycare
Briana Gottfried


edna snuggles up next to the fluffiest dogs
Briana Gottfried


edna stares at the camera after napping on the doggy daycare's fluffiest dogs
Briana Gottfried


This fluffy interaction’s warmed a lot of hearts

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Source: Brianna Gottfried