This Giant Tent With Three Rooms Fits Over 10 People

Setting up your own tent is considered a rite of passage among outdoorsmen. It may seem easy when you watch seasoned tent-builders do it, but it’s not. In fact, many novice campers find themselves wrangling the tent gear longer than they expected. This frustratingly long assembly time robs many adventurers of precious time they could have used to enjoy their trip. But it seems that we can finally leave those tent-related woes in the past with Core Equipment’s awesomely convenient giant tent!

Core Equipment describes itself as a company focused on “creating a better camping experience” for the modern-day outdoorsman. Per their introduction, they’re comprised of people who left behind their cushy corporate gig to focus on something they were passionate about: camping. They’ve been working towards “breaking down barriers through education, that have made camping seem difficult and intimidating” ever since. And raising a tent is certainly one of those things that made camping such an intimidating activity to many. So, to help promote camping, Core Equipment created several tents that take the hard assembly work right off our hands to give us more time to enjoy, explore and unwind.

couple using the giant tent by core equipment
Core Equipment

These massive tents from Core Equipment is every seasoned camper’s and casual adventurer’s dream come true. Every one of the company’s tents were created with both comfort and convenience in mind. Their innovative take on the traditional camping equipment is certainly making one of the most tranquil outdoor activities more attractive and enjoyable.


Have the ultimate camping trip with your friends or family in this giant tent

Standard sized tents can accommodate 3 or 4 people at most. And that’s not exactly the most comfortable setting if you’re looking to have restful night’s sleep. So you may want to invest in a spacious tent like this 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent by Core Equipment. This tent measures 18 by 10 feet, so it’s large enough for 12 people. You and your friends won’t have to carry separate tents whenever you go on those weekend getaway trips. This conveniently accommodating tent is basically a load off everyone’s camping packs!

Another major thing we love about this tent is that it comes with attachable room dividers. The optional dividers allow you to create a more private set up for you and your fellow campers. And according to Core Equipment, the tent can fit up to three air mattresses, which should be great news for those who prefer glamping instead of roughing it with sleeping bags. And aside from these attachable dividers, the tent also comes equipped with zippered privacy panels on the tent’s doors and windows. Honestly, it looks more like a portable home than a tent, which makes it a totally worth investment.

12 person instant cabin tent
Core Equipment


campers using the giant tent
Core Equipment


Enjoy privacy with these room dividers

giant tent interior
Core Equipment


This tent won’t take ages to raise

“This 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent features stress-free setup in less than 2 minutes! The poles come pre-attached to the tent – just unpack, unfold, and extend.”

setup and takedown infographic
Core Equipment

Part of the camping fun is the journey it takes to arrive at your campsite. However, the assembly of the campsite itself is considered to either be a fun activity or a test of one’s patience. Most campers tend to spend way too much time wrangling their tent’s components together, which robs them of precious exploring/resting time. But you can now say goodbye to that tedious task with this instant tent by Core Equipment. With this in your inventory, all you’ll ever need to do is unfold the pre-assembled tent, secure it and make sure everything’s in place!

instant cabin tent air vent power source
Core Equipment


light hanging on the giant tent ceiling
Core Equipment


You can use this giant tent to camp outdoors in any season

If you’ve ever camped before, you’ll know that it tends to get really hot and stuffy inside after some time. This certainly makes it hard to rest easy when it turns out like this. Luckily, Core Equipment’s tent comes with an advanced air intake vent that’s designed to regulate the airflow inside the tent. A vent draws in cool air from the ground and the tent’s mesh ceiling allows hot air to escape. This design allows you to stay comfortable day or night, in any season, while inside the tent.

air intake vent takes cold air from the ground
Core Equipment


giant tent with rainfly removed
Core Equipment

The 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent comes covered with a water repellent rainfly as well, so you won’t have to worry if rain suddenly pours down from out of the blue. But when the night sky is clear, you can remove the rainfly to do a bit of stargazing in the comfort and safety of your tent. Every 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent set comes with the tent, tent stakes, rainfly, awning poles, room dividers and a carry bag. It’s currently available on Core Equipment’s website and Amazon store  A camping trip in the great outdoors sounds like a great plan after being stuck indoors for so long, right?

Source: Amazon