Now You Can Play Card Games In The Pool With This Inflatable Game Table

Hot summer days make us want to soak in water or just lounge on a pool float for hours. Now, how about you and your friend play exciting card games while in the pool? This Inflatable Game Table allows you to spend most of your hours in the pool while you play your favorite card game with your friends. And with that, we believe we’ve just found the most fun way to spend our summer this year.

This table features three different pieces – one inflatable table and two inflatable sling seats. The chairs can be connected to the table with the use of bungee ball ties. Furthermore, each chair comes with a drink holder so you won’t have to leave your seat while you play. This unique pool float lets your bring the game of poker to the pool or play Go Fish with your kids as you drift on water. Or you can entertain yourself with a game of Solitaire while you relax under the sun.


Inflatable Game Table

floating card game station

You might think that bringing a deck of playing cards in the pool is a bad idea. Of course, the paper cards would easily get damaged by the water. However, the playing cards that come with this game table are waterproof. So, your friends can splash and do cannonballs all they want while you focus on your game.

inflatable game table


pool float game station


inflatable game table waterproof cards

When fully inflated, the floating card table measures 39 inches long, 29 inches wide and 30 inches deep. It has outlines for the playing cards printed on the surface for up to 4 players to gather round and play. Since the chairs are detachable, each chair can be used as separate pool floats. Each chair can hold up to 200 lbs of weight. One happy customer wrote:

“I purchased this for my sister and her husband to use in their hot tub. It is a perfect size for 4 adults to use and play cards while relaxing in their tub. The cards and table were great.”

inflatable game table chair


floating game station set


inflatable game table playing cards

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